Portrait of Max by Lee Miller

Portrait Maxsedona

Is this Portrait by Lee Miller?
Max Ernst (2 April 1891 – 1 April 1976), his birthday today.
Max Ernst Documentary is on youtube

Max Ernst dancing in Hans Richter film (youtube)

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    Max with Lee and Man Ray.

    Max Ernst fled Europe helped by his marriage to Peggy Guggenheim. He left his girlfrind Leonora Carrington and she suffered a major mental breakdown.

    Max had a terrific reputation for his beauty, charm, and success with women. He had white hair and big blue eyes and a handsome beak-like nose resembling a bird’s. He was exquisitely made – (picture caption from Peggy Guggenheim’s Out of this Century).

    When Peggy found out that Max did not love her she turned to Marcel Duchamp the first time. She wrote,

    While Max was away I was untrue to him for the first time, with Marcel, at last after twenty years. It was really too late and was almost like incest.

    All good ideas arrive by chance (See a photo of Max and Dorothea Tanning)

    During World War I he served in the German army, which was a momentous interruption in his career as an artist. He stated in his autobiography, “Max Ernst died the 1st of August, 1914.”

    California in October of 1946, in a double ceremony with Man Ray and Juliet Browner, he married Dorothea Tanning. The couple first made their home in Sedona, Arizona. In 1948 Ernst wrote the treatise Beyond Painting. As a result of the publicity, he began to achieve financial success.

    Lee Miller Lee Miller photograph by Man Ray (repost)

    Man Ray and Edward Steichen