Les Dames du Monde – Maria Casarès

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    Robert Bresson’s Les Dames de Bois de Boulongne – It is a modern adaptation of a section of Diderot‘s Jacques le fataliste (1796).

    Maria Casarès
    21 November 1922 was a Spanish-French actress and one of the most distinguished stars of the French stage.

    Camus albertmaria and Maria Casarès

    Camus and his women

    Camus had met Maria Casares, later star of Cocteau’s Orpheus but already an established actress, in 1944. Daughter of a rich Spanish Republican, a refugee from Franco, she was a passionate, wilful, intelligent woman. She was probably the only one of his lovers who had a relationship of equality with him. In addition, Todd says, ‘If he was a Don Juan, she was a Don Juana’.

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    Fung Ching Kelling’s portrait of her old high school friends in Tokyo.