Wislawa Szymborska, Dorothea Tanning & Mike Kelley R.I.P

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    R.I.P. Wislawa Szymborska Feb 1, 2012 (Poetry Foundation)

    Well-known in her native Poland, Wisława Szymborska received international recognition when she won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1996. In awarding the prize, the Academy praised her “poetry that with ironic precision allows the historical and biological context to come to light in fragments of human reality.”

    (Washington Post)

    Szymborska, a heavy smoker, died in her sleep of lung cancer Wednesday evening at her home in the southern city of Krakow, her personal secretary Michal Rusinek said.

  • Three Poems by Wislawa

    Three Oddest Words

    First Love


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    Dorothea Tanning Surrealist Painter Dies at 101 .

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    Mike Kelley dead at 58 – an apparent suicide