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Round Midday with Bertrand Tavernier – April 25, 2014 – Vitro Nasu

Round Midday with Bertrand Tavernier – April 25, 2014

  • (Kubrick was driving me crazy – why he quit working for Kubrick, funny stuff)

    Bertrand Tavernier, veteran French film director, screenwriter and producer is a warm and gregarious man with an encyclopaedic knowledge of American and international film. In a cultural environment dominated by cynicism and the promotion of historical ignorance, Tavernier is a rare figure, someone genuinely concerned about what is happening to working people, deeply hostile to anti-immigrant racism and like-minded legislation, and determined to help create the artistic and intellectual environment that will produce progessive social change. Tavernier spoke with World Socialist Web Site reporter, Richard Phillips during the Sydney Film Festival. (via world socialist)

    Bertrand Tavernier (film list at MUBI) or (Tavernier’s Journey -2018, here)

    Dexter Gordon was nominated for an Oscar, he should have won.

  • Bertrand Taverniar with Gapard Ulliel (click to see large)
    Discussion.. how he works & state of film industry & showing off his encyclopedic film knowledge appearing with Gaspard Ulliel..(on youtube)

  • Click to see large 1antoineSafeC

    Safe Conduct (Laisser-Passer) by Bertrand Tavernier.
    The film is almost 3 hours long. The first half was a bit frantic and confusing but the last half the film began to take shape and delivers.
    Filmmaking under Nazi rule during the occupation in France is the theme and the central character played by an actor who was a real biker made this cycling resistence movie memorable. The film deals with a controversial and difficult subject.

  • His new film – Tavernier playing Geopolitics for laughs

    He shares a birthday with Paul Mazursky and Cy Twombly Bertrand Tavernier


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