All Grace – Robert Bresson

On December 18, 1999 Robert Bresson passed away at the age of 98.

Robert Bresson – Biography.

Alan Pavlin wrote, “Three formative influences in Bresson’s life undoubtedly mark his films: his Catholicism, which took the form of the predestinarian French strain known as Jansenism; his early years as a painter; and his experiences as a prisoner-of-war.”

  • Robert Bresson: Hidden in Plain Sight An Essay by Gary Indiana

  • Shmuel Ben-gad says, “Bresson, an artist of the very highest order in my judgment, does not offer meanings, explanations, or answers but rather lucidity, reality, and profound mystery.”

    Both Bresson and Agnes Martin lived long lives for people
    so austere and monkish. Is it because they knew how to live with clarity, simplicity and a sense of purpose coming from profound vision and understanding?


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