Celebrate Life With Louise Bourgeois

Happy Birthday!
Louise Clowning
Louise Boourgeois was born on Dec. 25, 1911 in Paris. (Capricorn
with Moon in Aquarius – other famous people with this combo are – Muhammed Ali, Cary Grant, Nixon, Diane Keaton) One word to describe these people – Louise herself said it – Irrepressible, ambitious, eccentric and successful. If Muhammed Ali was reborn as French woman, she would sound like this. Click on Otte to listen. (Melody, text and voice: Louise Bourgeois)

Images from Artfactsnet

“Her hand-colored artbook the puritan, was conceived and written in 1947,
but she did not begin making it until 1989.” from
“What Is Art?”

Louise’ French Childhood was explored here with other creative geniuses.

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