Caleb Duarte & Ramiro Martinez


Caleb Duarte
Spark* Segment of Caleb Duarte (
Caleb Duarte

Thanks Ramiro Martinez for the tip.

Ramiro Martinez ramiromartinez2
Vertical Snake Standalone

I collaborated with Kiel Famellos Schmidt, and a woman architect name Riitta Vepsalainen. I can’t spell her last name, but I think she was from Norway, or some other country. (from Finland) She was very supportive of my idea and this is what came out of it. I have footage of students and myself and Kiel all working on it. I call it my piece because I designed it and was there on every phase. I could send you some video of the making of it too.

See two videos about thisVertical Snake Standalone ” installation from here.

Yellow Speckramiro12 Acrylic painting by Ramiro Martinez

I could do that ramiro31

I am using buildings around in fresno as possible sites for murals. This is an example. There are some who would wish the mural thing to happen in fresno, and i am interested in helping so I make these images to visualize the possibilities. After seeing Yayoi’s stuff I thought a building might look cool in polkadots. (Ramiro on FB)

Ramiro has started blogging – Arterial Destinations.