R.I.P Shusaku Arakawa


WE HAVE DECIDED NOT TO DIE from Reversible Destiny

Arakawa arakawa July 6, 1936 – May 18, 2010
The news of Arakawa’s passing came from Mario Ambrosius on Facebook.

Arakawa, Whose Art Tried to Halt Aging, Dies at 73 by FRED A. BERNSTEIN (Nytimes)

Arakawa, a Japanese-born conceptual artist and designer, who with his wife, Madeline Gins, explored ideas about mortality by creating buildings meant to stop aging and preclude death, died Tuesday in Manhattan. He was 73.

Arthur Danto, the art critic and philosopher, who had known Arakawa for nearly 40 years, said, “He really felt they were doing the most important kind of work, to overcome death.” But, Mr. Danto said, “How that was going to happen was never clear, to anyone outside Madeline and him.”

Arakawa and Gins were reportedly victims of Bernard Madoff, losing several million dollars when Madoff’s Ponzi scheme collapsed (wiki)