Autumn Sonata & Touch

  • (See an emotional scene from Autumn Sonata here)
    Ingrid Bergman complained about this piece of music..

    “Why are you such a bore when you write, Ingmar? Otherwise you can be really funny.” She listened to
    the Chopin prelude, which was to be a culmination of the first act of the film. “God in heaven, is that dull bit of
    music to be played twice? Ingmar, you’re crazy. The audience will fall asleep. You might at least have chosen something beautiful and a little shorter. That bit’s so tedous, it makes me yawn my head off.” (Magic Lantern page 183)
    Ingrid and Ingmar fought and made up and in the end Ingrid gave in. By this time her cancer was progressing “she faced her illness with anger and impatience. She was extremely disciplined in the studio” Ingmar wrote. (Magic Lantern 185)

    Autumn Sonata trailer
    Watch this documentary – on her birthday.. Ingrid Bergman was born on Aug 29, 1915 and died on her birthday Aug 29, 1982.
    Ingrid Bergman on youtube (her story narrated by her two daughters Pier and Isabella) Ingrid’s mother died when she was three and her father who was photographer died when she was a teenager.

    Happy birthday Elliot Gould – August 29, 1938
    Gould and David Carradine are the only Hollywood actors to appear in Ingmar Bergman film.

    Elliot Gould loves it and Ingmar Bergman hated the Touch. (The Playlist)

    Ingrmar Bergman on Touch (youtube)


  • (Elliott Gould and Bibi Andersson)
    The Touch – Ingmar Bergman’s Misunderstood Masterwork