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JG Ballard: A Radical Of The Imagination, remembered

The basics: James Graham Ballard – ‘Jim’ to his friends, ‘JG’ to the reading public – was born in Shanghai in 1930. When he was 13, he and his parents were interned by the invading Japanese forces, an experience he transformed into literature in his 1984 semi-autobiographical novel Empire Of The Sun (interestingly enough, the ‘Jim’ in the novel is separated from his parents – which the real-life Jim wasn’t – because the author felt that this represented a greater psychological truth). Finally arriving in a strangely alien England in the aftermath of World War II, he studied medicine at Cambridge.

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J.G Ballard jgballard 15 November 1930

Christian Bale who played Ballard in “Empire of the Sun” is currently in Zhang Yimou’s “Flowers of War’
(And happy birthday Zhang Yimou)
Christian Bale may start filming Ballard’s mysterious novel “Concrete Island”

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