Friday OWS Photos + Links

Occupy lunch
Poster for Free Lunch Served on the High Line (Union Square NY) – Photo via Herman Costa

Bart is a mass transit in San Francisco. (Photo by Jurgen Trautwein)

Filmmaker Jonas Mekas


Makana means ‘gift’ in Hawaiian.

Occupy Hilo Eat What You Grow

Over 40 persons showed up in Downtown Hilo to plant taro and other edible plants in the median strips on Kamehameha Avenue. What had been weeds and roundup became wonderful edible landscapes in just two hours. The vibe was so positive and the intention will reverberate and hopefully spread across the globe. (Eat What You Grow )

Dorli Rainy from Austria

Beat Poet has new meaning Robert Hass

New Progressive Movement by Jeffrey Sachs

Occupy Anarchism Gift of Democracy

Death of a street poet

Occupy Poetry here

Rebecca Sonlit Building a better house