Remembering Louis Simpson

  • Louis Simpson
    March 27, 1923 – September 14, 2012 (photo via)

    Louis Simpson, Poet of Everyday Life dies, he was 89 years old

  • It’s complicated, being an American,
    Having the money and the bad conscience, both at the same time.
    Perhaps, after all, this is not the right subject for a poem.
    On the Lawn at the Villa (l. 14-16) (1980)

    For people may not know what they think
    about politics in the Balkans,
    or the vexed question of men and women,
    but everyone has a definite opinion
    about the flavour of shredded coconut.
    Chocolates (l. 18-22) (1980) (Wikiquotes)

  • Whatever it is, it must have

    A stomach that can digest

    Rubber, coal, uranium, moons, poems.

    Like the shark, it contains a shoe.

    It must swim for miles through the desert

    Uttering cries that are almost human.

    (via NYtimes)

  • “All you really know is given
    at moments when you’re seeing
    and listening.
    Being in love
    is a great help.
    Oh yes, but keep a dog.”

  • Two poems from the Struggling times (youtube)

  • Occupy news (from Democracy Now)

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