Pier Paulo Pasolini Speaks, Draws & Paints

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    Pasolini as Chaucer from Canterbury Tales.

    March 5, 1922 – birthday of Pier Paolo Pasolini

  • Pasolini Speaks

    Pier Paolo Pasolini is without question one of the most controversial filmmakers who ever lived. He is also among the most fascinating. He brought rigorous social and artistic philosophies to every project he embarked on, and boldly voiced beliefs that provoked consternation in others.

    Arts Martyr the Drawings and Paintings of Pier Paulo Pasolini

    Pier Paolo Pasolini: Portraits, Self Portraits at Location One in Soho is timed to coincide with the Pasolini film retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art (December 13, 2012-January 5, 2013). The forty drawings and paintings on display present a crucial if little-known aspect of the artist’s multifaceted genius, but its pleasures are not reserved solely for the Pasolini-obsessed.

    Anne W worked with Pasolini in Theorema.

    Pasolini’s Legacy of a Sprawl of Brutality

    Films of Paulo Pier Pasonlini at MoMa

  • Image by Zilda

  • Pierre Clementi directed by Pasolini – Pigsty.


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