Phantom of India – Chemical Halloween 2013

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    Inspired by Heisenberg (Digital image by Fung Lin Hall)

    Green hirstutism – according to Lilyaradiaohead.

    What quantum physics tells us about Walter White’s alter ego.

  • Happy Halloween

  • Wellfleet. Massachussetts
    Patrick Morell –Golden Rabbit films LLC

    Patrick’s #1 inspiration was Louis Malle’s most personal film, Phantom of India (Oct 30 was Louis Mall’s birthday).

    See an inspirtional dance video from Phantom of India directed by Louis Malle.

    Uummannaq. Western Greenland. (click to see large)
    Photo by Patrick Morell

  • Angel Island Speed shows by Jurgen Trautwein
    (Click to see large)
    Traces of Times Past:
    Temporary space occupations @ Angel Island’s Fort McDowell’s East Garrison,
    South–East shore, 37.86˚N 122.43˚W

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    List of Weird philosophers

    Mark Young (poet) – something strange from Australia

    Winterson on Oscar Wilde

    Raising Cockroaches in China.