RIP Ian Holm – “The Sweet Hereafter” ‘Naked Lunch”

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    Ian Holm: Versatile actor whose measured, gritty performances took him from Shakespeare to Hollywood

  • Ian Holm an Appreciation

    A virtuoso actor of Steel, Sinew and Charm

    Ian Holm

    most people have seen him in Lord of Ring series.. Ian was terrific in The Sweet Hereafter… He has played Napoleon Bonaparte three times: first, in the 1972 television series Napoleon and Love; next, in a cameo comic rendition, in Terry Gilliam’s Time Bandits from 1981; third, in 2001 he played the fallen and exiled leader in the fanciful film The Emperor’s New Clothes. Naked Lunch, eXistenz, Big Night and Jay Gould’s secret etc.

    THE SWEET HEREAFTER, from left, director Atom Egoyan, Ian Holm, on-set, 1997, ©Fine Line Features/courtesy Everett Collection