Goodbye Sean Connery – from Mr. Universe to One Great Actor & Citizen

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    Sad news from BBC
    Sean Connery passed away at 90.

  • Collaborations of Sean Connery and Sidney Lumet
    (Sean Connery made five films with director Sidney Lumet)

  • (With Audrey Hepburn, Robin and Marian directed by Richard Lester)

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    The Man Who Would be King (John Huston)

  • The Name of the Rose, based on a novel by Umberto Eco.
    Further, Umberto Eco is an expert on the subject of 007, which adds him to the worldwide group of bondologs (“Bondologists,” Scandinavian expression for an expert in the field of James Bond).
    Time Magazine obit showing a photo of Sean Connery holding a “rose’ in his hand.

  • Sean Connery on Michael Crichton

    Connery says of Michael Crichton:
    He’s got a very big influence on my life….I’m interested more in writers and directors than I am in actors as a rule. I really have a terrific measure of affection for Michael here because I wasn’t joking out there when I say he can write bestsellers and take out your appendix. Because he reminds me so much of Umberto Eco in that he’s got all the elements that I adore. Terrific mind, good writer.
    Crichton shares some thoughts about Connery during the press conference:
    He’s had an enormous effect on my life. He’s one of the few people that I can remember things that he said in passing while we were walking down the street 25 years ago.

  • From Russia with Love, The Hunt for the Red October, and the Russia House find them in Sean Connery’s filmography here.