Goodbye Moose, Kevin Jackson, & his book “Withnail and I”

Sad news of Kevin’s passing came from Scott Bradley on FB on May 10. 2021.

Moose – as his friends called him – was an extraordinary talent and lovely human being. I can’t even process this right now.

Kevin Jackson was an English writer, broadcaster, filmmaker and pataphysician.

About this portrait, Kevin Jackson wrote on FB.

Moose as Hamlet. Portrait by Marzena Pogorzaly, whose talents are so exceptional that she managed to disguise the fact that I am morbidly obese. Her rates are very reasonable, all things considered. Yes, this is a PLUG.

Bruce Robinson – Actor, Director of Withnail and I

Kevin Jackson‘s book Whitnail and I

Bruce Robinson’s first and most famous outing as a writer/director, Withnail & I has gone down in history as the student film…this book is lively with enthusiasm and full to bursting point with anecdotes and analysis…He doesn’t try to come across as anything more than what he certainly is: a die-hard Withnail fan with a keen eye for detail and a delightful nose for a story.

Withnail and I Bruce Robinson Original Unpublished Novel

  • Kevin Jackson on Toru Takemitsu (Kevin Jackson talked about his encounter with the Nobel prized author Oe Kenzaburo on FB but I did not know
    about his encounter with the family of Toru Takemitsu.).

  • 1aAlexanderHMayaD

    On April 30 Kevin Jackson shared the photo of Maya Deren and her husband Hammid from my FB album. Kevin you’ll be missed by all of us who came to love your wit, generosity and your sharp mind.