Four Stories about Alexander Sokurov

  • Four Stories about Alexander Sokurov (By Victor Kossakovsky | August 16, 2019)

    I dedicated my new film Aquarela to Alexander Sokurov and people have asked me why, so I thought I’d write something to explain. Everybody knows that he’s an outstanding filmmaker, a scientist of cinema who’s made an incredible contribution to cinema language with films like Russian Ark, Mother and Son and Faust. And people in Russia know he’s a real fighter – someone who’s trying to save St. Petersburg, where they’re destroying buildings to put up a 400-meter tower in the center of the city, and fighting for human rights, arguing with Putin to try to save Oleg Sentsov.

    Oleg Sentsov is an Ukranian filmmaker

  • Putin Critic Sokurov Shuts Russian film foundation

    Alexander Sokurov, an outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has shut down his film foundation after legal attacks from Russia’s culture ministry. (July 2019)