The Look of Love – Goodbye Burt Bacharach

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  • Allison Anders posted on FB.

    I had the lead sheets to God Give Me Strength, the song Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello wrote for my movie Grace Of My Heart, framed a little while ago, but I couldn’t find the right place for it yet. This morning upon hearing the news of Burt’s passing I immediately tore off the plastic and began to create this altar to process how much this man’s talent has meant to me.
    On Monday it will be (I think?) 26 years since Burt recorded this song Feb 13 1996? in NYC with Elvis. It was a warm smallish studio and only a handful of us were there for this quietly historic session with the two of them; music supervisor extraordinaire Karyn Rachtman who brought these giants together for the first time to write this now classic song for me, our amazing lead actress Illeana Douglas, our wonderful producer Dan Hassid and me. Occasionally friends came by to visit; my daughter Tiffany with J Mascis and I recall our pal Joe McGinty got a life altering moment with Burt too that day. In the downtime Illeana and I absorbed all we could with Burt who was so generous so kind and so respectful. I remember asking him about working with one of my idols Dusty Springfield. And he said warmly thinking of her, “Hard.” I asked, “Hard to work with?” He said with such empathy, “She was hard on herself. And she was so brilliant.” It was exactly what I wanted to know.
    After Burt and Elvis finished recording God Give Me Strength they both signed the lead sheets, one for me and one for Illeana. Burt wrote “For Allison…thank you for bringing us all together.” This Polaroid photo of them was taken the same day. Burt’s musical genius and warmth and beautiful melodies was part of the fabric of my life from the time I could open my toddler mouth and sing along to Perry Comos “Magic Moments”. There are far too many songs of his I love to begin to list, but I will over the coming days. Thank you Paul Myers for reaching out this morning and helping me process the meaning he’s had to me and to all of us. Rest In Peace Maestro.