RIP Pierre Lhomme DP for C. Marker, Eustache, Melville, Bresson etc.

  • Jean Eustache and Pierre Lhomme
    RIP Pierre Lhomme dies at 89.

    He was behind the look of films like Jean-Pierre Melville’s ‘Army of Shadows’ and Jean Eustache’s ‘The Mother and the Whore.’

  • Pierre Lhomme filmography (his wiki)

  • Quartet

  • Sweet Movie (Pierre Clementi, directed by DuĊĦan Makavejev.)

  • Four Nights a dreamer. Bresson

    Four Nights of a Dreamer is based on the story White Nights written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, directed by Robert Bresson

  • Le Joli Mai

    Chris Marker

  • The Voyager 1aafilmvoyager40x
    Sam Shepard
    (Sam Shepard, Juliette Delpy in Voyager directed by Volker Schlordorff )