Susan Sontag – photo by Peter Hujar & Sontag and Nestor Almendros

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    Photo by Peter Hujar

  • Literature was her passport

  • Susan Slept Here by David Ehrenstein

  • With W.S.B. 1aBSontag
    William S. Burroughs – Our Paranoid Friend Had a Dinner with Susan Sontag

  • Check her list – (how to live like Susan Sontag)

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    Susan Sontag and Nestor Almendros

    Susan Sontag, the American critic and a former supporter of the Castro regime, describes the Castro campaign against homosexuals as ”a heritage, in a way a ‘Puritan’ one, that is deeply embedded in the morals of the Left.” She continues: ”The discovery that homosexuals were being persecuted in Cuba shows, I think, how much the Left needs to evolve.”

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    Photo by Annie Leibovitz

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