Leonard Cohen and Robert Altman

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“I thought it was a fine movie. That night I was in the studio and received a call from Hollywood. It was from Bob Altman saying he would like to use my music in a film. Quite honestly, I said, ‘I don’t know your work, could you tell me some of the films you’ve done?’ He said Mash, and I said that’s fine, I understand that’s quite popular, but I’m really not familiar with it. Then he said there was a film I’ve probably never seen called ‘Brewster McCloud.’ I told him I just came out of the movie and thought it was an extraordinary film, use any music of mine.” From Robert Altman: Oral Biography)

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Bob leonardaltman and Leonard Cohen

  • On James Dean’s 80th birthday, this film probably deserves its own little mention. The James Dean Story, a 79 minute documentary chronicling the life and times of Jimmy Dean, came out two years after the young actor’s death. Most notably, the film was directed by Robert Altman, a young director who would eventually make MASH, Nashville, The Player, Gosford Park, etc. (Watch the James Dean Story by Robert Altman )

  • Robert Altman – February 20 1927 Robert Altman

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