Requiem – by A.Tanner, Tabucchi, Pessoa and Lisbon

  • . (directed by Alain Tanner)

    Artfilm -Requiem this Lisbon is a city of soul.

    The living and the dead meet and settle accounts. In the footsteps of the poet Fernando Pessoa, in a desolate Lisbon, between dream and reality, people from the present and ghosts from the past converse in a manner both grave and light-hearted, and shrug off their burden of regret between midday and midnight of the last Sunday in July


    Antonio Tabucchi and Fernando Pessoa

    The Reality of Dreams:

    The “reality” of the worlds created by Pessoa and Tabucchi often combines this dreamlike state with the Portuguese concept of saudade, which, according to Tabucchi, “describes the melancholic nostalgia one feels for people, things, pleasures, and times now lost.” The world, real or imagined, seems just beyond reach.

    Tabucchi Elegiac Italian Writer – In the Tabucchi universe the dead rise, speak and go out to dinner.

  • (Click to see large) Nocturne Indien (directed by Alain Corneau based on Tabucchi’s novel)
    Gorgeous trailer here ..Nocturne Indien .(Go through an annoying ad.. it’s worth the visit for the soundtrack alone.)

  • Fernando Pessoa