RIP Everett Fahy – “it’s not the number of people who agree with you, it’s the quality of their judgments”.

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    Sad news that the former Met curator and director of the Frick, Everett Fahy, has died. The New York Times has an obituary here, albeit with an unfortunate misprint at the end, describing an early 16th Century Italian painting (which Fahy had concluded was by Michelangelo) as a work by Velasquez.

    The article concludes with a quote art history would do well to remember:

    “With attributions, it’s not the number of people who agree with you, it’s the quality of their judgments.”

    Museum director Everett Fahy Obit NYTimes.

    Everett Fahy, a prominent historian of Florentine painters from the late 15th and early 16th centuries who joined the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a young curator and left to run the Frick Collection before returning to the Met as its chairman of European paintings, died on April 23 in Davis, Calif. He was 77.

    Writing in The New York Times, the critic John Canaday praised the reorganization for creating a “historical continuity” that went “beyond anything the Metropolitan has managed before.”

    The affable Mr. Fahy often rode his bicycle to work, filled his Upper West Side apartment with books and photographs, read voraciously, was close friends with the philanthropist Brooke Astor and freely shared his knowledge with colleagues and other scholars.

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