Anatahan – Josef Von Sternberg, working in Japan

  • Anatahan
    Akemi Negishi played the Queen Bee.

    Decided to see Anatahan after learning that Dominique De Menil worked as a scriptgirl to assist Joseph von Sternberg.

    Land of the lost, Close Up on Josef Von Sternberg’s Anatahan (MuBi)

  • Mubi film lists – Josef Von Sternberg (May 29 – his birthday today)

  • Joseph Von Sternberg and Setsuko Hara

  • Ray Manzarek said.

    “I had a class with Joseph von Sternberg at UCLA, which changed my life, if not my attitude towards women, which has always been lustfully wonderfully beautiful, but in terms of style,” he says.

    Between 1959 and 1963, Sternberg taught a course on film aesthetics at the University of California, Los Angeles, based on his own works. His students included undergraduate Jim Morrison and graduate student Ray Manzarek, who went on to form the rock group The Doors shortly after receiving their respective degrees in 1965. The group recorded songs referring to Sternberg, with Manzarek later characterizing Sternberg as “perhaps the greatest single influence on The Doors