Fotos of Eleven Good Men

Here are some photos of eleven good men whose lives were cut short with Aids. R.I.P

klausgif Klaus Nomi DerekJarmananimation Jarman and Tony Perkins in the middle.
Klaus Nomi died on August 6, 1983 – he was 39.
Perkins died on September 12, 1992.. Berry Berenson (Perkins’ wife), was killed on American Airlines Flight 11 during the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001.
Derek Jarman died In 1994 London, aged 52.

Paul Thek and Peter Hujar
Peter Hujar, Paul Thek and David Wojnarowicz at Mathew Marks Exhibition
Susan Sontag by Peter Hujar

Paul Thek New York City in 1988. He was 55.
Peter Hujar November 26, 1987. He was 53.

.Arthur Russell
Michel Foucault
Wild Combination Arthur was an original Michel Foucault would not mind to be paired with him.

Arthur Russell died on April 4, 1992, at the age of 40
Foucault died in Paris on 25 June 1984, he was 58.

Tseng Kwong-Chiand Herman Costa having a blast at photobooth (Thanks Herman for this photo).
Martin Wong with lunchboxes
Tseng and Martin – pride of Chinese Americans!

In 1990, TSENG died at age 39 in NY.
Martin Wong died on 12 August 1999 in San Francisco.. He was 53.

Nestor & Reinaldo Arenas
They were good friends in Cuba.
Nestor Almendros died on 4 March 1992 in NY. He was 62
Reinaldo Arenas died on December 7, 1990. he was 47.

“All these years, I’ve felt Manhattan was just another island-jail. A bigger jail with more distractions but a jail nonetheless. It just goes to show that there are more than two hells. I left one kind of hell behind and fell into another kind. I never thought I would live to see us plunge again into the dark ages. This plague — AIDS — is but a symptom of the sickness of our age.” Reinaldo Arenas