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Happy OWS Halloween 2011

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

1895: Auguste & Louis Lumière: Le squelette joyeux

Kabocha Kusama and Let them eat pumpkin pie.

  • John Berryman Dream song 63

    Bats have no bankers and they do not drink
    and cannot be arrested and pay no tax
    and, in general, bats have it made.
    Henry for joining the human race is bats,
    known to be so, by few them who think,
    out of the cave.

    Instead of the cave! ah lovely-chilly, dark,
    ur-moist his cousins hang in hundreds or swerve
    with personal radar,
    crisisless, kid. Instead of the cave? I serve,
    inside, my blind term. Filthy four-foot lights
    reflect on the whites of our eyes.

    He then salutes for sixty years of it
    just now a one of valor and insights,
    a theatrical man,
    O scholar & Legionnaire who as quickly might
    have killed as cast you. Olè. Stormed with years
    he tranquil commands and appears.

    Edward Gorey a Style icon?

    How it works 4ojos2

    Where do monsters come from?

    Nestor Almendros – A Man with A Camera

    Saturday, October 29th, 2011

    Nestor Almendros Nestor

    In 1992, Néstor Almendros died of AIDS in New York at age 61

    A Man with A Camera a great book by Nestor Almendros – a must read for cinema lovers.

    Nestor Almendros was born on October 30, 1930 in Barcelona.. later moved to Cuba.

    “Almendros was an artist of deep integrity, who believed the most beautiful light was natural light…he will always be remembered as a cinematographer of absolute truth…a true master of light”

    Malick hired Nestor after seeing “Wild Child’ by Francois Truffaut. He liked the feeling of silent cinema from Nestor’s camera treatment.

    “My job was to simplify the photography, to purify it of all the artificial effects of the recent past,” said Almendros. To that end, he and Malick studied the silent films of Griffith and Chaplin, they used real firelight to illuminate faces, they recreated the arid loneliness of Andrew Wyeth and the inviting interior warmth of Edward Hopper, they achieved all of their special effects in the camera. For the stunning shot in the locusts sequence where the insects ascend to the sky, they dropped peanut shells from helicopters and had their actors walk backwards while running the film in reverse through the camera. When it was projected everything moved forward except the locusts! (Movie Maker)

    (via Your 100 favorite Cinematographers)

    List of Nestor Almendros’ filmography
    (Notable with his collaboration with Truffaut, Rohmer, Barbet Schroeder.. he filmed Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice, Kramer vs Kramer.. etc. )
    Nestor Almendros with Francois
    (Nestor filmed 9 out of 27 films by Truffaut)

    (Eric Rohmer with Nestor Almendros)

    Nestor’s first short film with Eric Rohmer (See Nadja Expat Girl here)

    “Life Lessons” directed by Martin Scorsese, starring Nick Nolte and Rosanna Arquette) – see Nestor’s fluid camera work here.

  • In his later years, Almendros co-directed two documentaries about the human rights situation in Cuba, Mauvaise Conduite (1984) (Improper Conduct) about the persecution of gay people in Cuba, and Nadie escuchaba (Nobody Was Listening) about the arrest, imprisonment, and torture of former comrades of Fidel Castro.

    Nestor who was educated in Cuba was a friend of Reinaldo Arenas who appears in this film (part 5)

    Imporoper Conduct reviewed by Vincent Canby

    The witnesses in ”Improper Conduct” include distinguished writers, journalists, playwrights, doctors, poets and painters, as well as more ordinary folk such as tour guides and hairdressers, a number of whom spent time in one or more of the country’s forced-labor camps.

    Susan Sontag and Nestor Almendros

    Susan Sontag, the American critic and a former supporter of the Castro regime, describes the Castro campaign against homosexuals as ”a heritage, in a way a ‘Puritan’ one, that is deeply embedded in the morals of the Left.” She continues: ”The discovery that homosexuals were being persecuted in Cuba shows, I think, how much the Left needs to evolve.”

  • A Little Dance at Paestum

    Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

    (Photo of Montgomery Clift by Stanley Kubrick)

  • Untold Stories of Montgomery Clift

    In a new documentary, myths and assumptions about the Oscar-nominated heartthrob who struggled with his sexuality are replaced with the little-known truth

  • <> <> <> MontyKevinM.
    Montgomery Clift doing a little dance at Paestum – photo by Kevin McCarthy

    (Repost – see previous posts)

  • In Praise of Monty Clift – (Sheila’s Variations)

  • (Hitchcock directed Monty Clift in “I Confess”)

    Alfred Hitchcock:

    Montgomery Clift always looked as though he had the angel of death walking along beside him.

    Previous post – scroll down to see Monty in a Priest role..

  • Identity Papers & Geography Lessons

    Thursday, October 20th, 2011

    Being Everyone 1BeingEveryoneWard
    See more from here.

    Ward Schumaker may not be like everyone, he seems to be everywhere.. he will definitely be at his opening in New York.

    Saturday, October 29 · 3:00pm – 5:00pm (Opening)
    O K Harris Gallery
    383 West Broadway
    New York, NY

  • Nashville
    Moon Atlas 1wardshumakerMoon
    Moon Atlas 48-49.moonWard

    opening, 5-8 pm, Thursday, 03 November.
    The show remains up until 17 December.
    Zeitgeist Gallery | 1819 21st Avenue South | Nashville, TN

  • “My illustrated version of Paris France by Gertrude Stein appeared in the Seeing Gertrude Stein Five Stories exhibit
    at San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum and will now move to Washington, DC, to appear in Insight and Identity,
    Contemporary Artists and Gertrude Stein, at Stanford-in-Washington.” Ward Schumaker via email.
    Seeing Gertrude Stien Five Stories 4__large


    Body Precious Always Shine (Alice and Gertrude)

    I love my wifey so completely
    Oh so completely, and she is
    To have a lovely cow a real
    Cow splash goes the cow now,
    Splash splash splash lovely
    Baby smelly cow comes out of
    Baby anyhow now

    Unknown Citizen, Smallest Voices & Spero

    Monday, October 17th, 2011

    <> <>

    The Unknown Citizen by W.H. Auden

    “Even the smallest of voices need to be heard” a placard held by the young Lego artist. (Scroll see her with her lego towers).

    Two years ago on Oct 18 Nancy Spero passed away.

    As both artist and activist, Nancy Spero’s career spanned fifty years. She was renowned for her continuous engagement with contemporary political, social, and cultural concerns. Spero chronicled wars and apocalyptic violence as well as articulating visions of ecstatic rebirth and the celebratory cycles of life.

    Nancy Spero 1nancyspero

  • Oct 18
    Birthday of James Brooks – a wonderful painter.

  • Foucault Funhouse

    Saturday, October 15th, 2011

    Foucault an Introduction – Part 1, Psychiatry, Power, Oppression, Depression, Philosophy

    Michel Foucualt

    Michel Foucalut was born on 15 October 1926 (Same birthday as Friedrich Nietzsche)

    RIchard Hamilton 1richhamilton-picasso-s-meninas-1973 Picasso’s Meninas

    Les Mots et Les Choses (The Order of Things)

    The book opens with an extended discussion of Diego Velázquez’s painting Las Meninas and its complex arrangement of sightlines, hiddenness, and appearance. Then it develops its central claim: that all periods of history have possessed certain underlying conditions of truth that constituted what was acceptable as, for example, scientific discourse. Foucault argues that these conditions of discourse have changed over time, from one period’s episteme to another. Jean Piaget, in Structuralism,[1] compared Foucault’s episteme to Thomas Kuhn’s notion of a paradigm. Foucault demonstrates the parallelisms in the development of three fields: linguistics, biology, and economics.

    Click to view Images From The Writings Of Michel Foucault (Youtube)

    These were culled from a variety of French philosopher Michel Foucault’s works – from the early “Madness and Civilization” (1965) through the last two published volumes of “The History of Sexuality” (1985-1986) – and some key essays …

    In order:

    1. Michel Foucault, cover illustration for Alan Sheridan’s ‘The Will To Truth’;
    2. The Ship of Fools (‘Madness and Civilization’)
    3. Marquis de Sade, by Man Ray (‘The Order of Things’)
    4. ‘Las Meninas’, by Velazquez (‘The Order of Things’)
    5. Friedrich Nietzsche, by Munch (‘Nietzsche, Genealogy, History’)
    6. Don Quixote, by Picasso (‘The Order of Things’)
    7. Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon (‘Discipline and Punish’)
    8. Jeremy Bentham (‘Discipline and Punish’)
    9. Philippe Pinel (‘Madness and Civilization’)
    10. Friedrich Hoelderlin (‘The Father’s “No” ‘)
    11. David Ricardo (‘The Order of Things’)
    12. Georges Bataille {‘Preface to Transgression’)
    13. Jorge Luis Borges (‘The Order of Things’) (continue below)
    (see more from youtube comment)

    Michel Foucault 1MichelFoucaultsingssings his philosophy through a surreal collage landscape. The film is from a series of mini-musicals based on the works of the great philosophers.

    NOTHING IS FUNDAMENTAL by Victor Bellomo & David Pace (3 min)

    Badiou interviews Michel Foucault (1965) 1/3 English Subtitles (youtube)

    The Dark Brain of Piranesi (previous post -scroll down to see Michel Foucault and Noam Chomsky debate).

    Trickle Up – Hans Haacke

    Thursday, October 13th, 2011

    Wide White Flow at Paul Cooper (short clip)

    Hans Haacke News – (youtube lecture)

    Star gazing by Hans HaackeHaacke_StarGazing

    <> <> <> <> hansHaackefreefight

    24 January 2011 post: Hans Haacke, Selected Works & Interview

    You mentioned that you’d advise students to prepare for the “long haul”–how have you sustained your work through the years?

    One rule I set for myself right early on was that I should not be dependent on the vagaries of the art market. It has given me a degree of independence. I wouldn’t have dared doing certain things without that. Teaching has given me the economic base one needs. But it’s not only for the money. I enjoy teaching. I learn a lot from students.

    Trickle Up1HansHaackeTrickleUP

    Haacke’s interest in real-time systems propelled him into his criticism of social and political systems.[2] In most of his work after the late 1960s, Haacke focused on the art world and the system of exchange between museums and corporations and corporate leaders; he often underlines its effects in site-specific ways. (wiki)

  • Together – Hans Haacke – (Paula Cooper Gallery)

  • No comment and strong decisions – artists Occupy Wall Street

    How they did it? From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Everywhere.

    My advice to the Occupy Wall Street

    Message from China

    Monday, October 10th, 2011

    Wang Ningde

    Oct 10 1945 – The Chinese Communist Party and the Kuomintang signed a principle agreement in Chongqing about the future of post-war China

    National Day in China (see more Wang Ningde here, don’t click on dead links.)

    Message from Chinese activists and academics in support of Occupy Wall Street

    This letter of solidarity, signed over by 50 intellectuals and activists in China, was posted to Utopia yesterday. Thanks to everyone for the translation and editing work!

    Zizek Speaks to Occupy Wall Street

    He steered the discussion away from the Cold War debate between communism and capitalism, noting that former communists, particularly in China, “are today the most efficient, brutal capitalists.”
    The communist revolution “failed absolutely,” he said, suggesting that “the only way we are communist is that we care about the commons,” citing the environment as an example.

    Apart from that Oct 10 birthday links

    Harold Pinter

    Julius Schulman

    Theloneous Monk

    Oscar Brown Jr.

    Claude Simon

    Smoke Signals – Sherman Alexie

    Thursday, October 6th, 2011

  • WhiteSnowRedSun
    Photo by Fung Lin Hall

  • Happy birthday Sherman Alexie! October 7, 1966
    Sherman is a writer, poet, filmmaker, and occasional comedian.

    His cool homepage


  • Happy birthday to Emiri Baraka
    Who Will Survive America?
    Somebody blew up America

    Occupy Wall Street Archive is here.

    Forrest Bess

    Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

    Forrest Bess (October 5, 1911 – November 10, 1977) Painter, fisherman, visionary, eccentric – Forrest Bess was one of the most original American artists of his generation

    Bess showed at Betty Parsons Gallery in New York City, along with artists like Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. In the 1950s, he also began a life-long correspondence with art professor and author Meyer Schapiro, and sexologist John Money


    Bess makes it clear that his paintings were only part of a grander theory, based on alchemy, the philosophy of Carl Jung, and the rituals of Australian aborigines, which proposed that becoming a hermaphrodite was the key to immortality. In 1960, Bess operated on himself to become a pseudo-hermaphrodite. This physical manifestation of his theory never achieved the results he had hoped for and, ironically, this quest for immortality was the beginning of a slow decline in both his health and his creative output

    His letter ForrestLetters


  • Forrest

  • October 5 birthday
    Denis Diderot + Lumiere (previous post –L’espirit de France )

    Kate Winslet Listen America (She played a mother of Esther Freud)

    Steve Reich – Proverb

    Monday, October 3rd, 2011

    Part 1

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

  • Happy birthday Steve Reich

    City Life SteveReich

    Proverb was based on the text of Wittgenstein– “How small a thought it takes to fill a whole life!“.

  • Unrelated link: Michel Houellebecq’s new book Map and Territory reviewed (guardian)