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Name These Children -Pt.3

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
  • Who is this?
    Brithdate: January 30, 1882
    Check this link to get an answer.
    When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink? (an impotant question)

    Seven Story Mountain

    Today is the 97th anniversary of the birth of louie louie. He is a good photographer

    With his sister Rosemarie 1940.
    His early life in Jerusalem.. (youtube).

    Beauty and Brain (Tilda and I)

    In Memory of my feeling

    His bathroom monologue

    He likes to bike.

  • Costume and Sand Hong Kong Blues

  • Eiko Ishioka R.I.P

    Saturday, January 28th, 2012


    Eiko Ishioka, Multifaceted Designer and Oscar Winner, Dies at 73


    The Tokyo native who later moved to New York began her convention-defying career in Japanese advertising but eventually expanded it to include design work for Broadway, the movies and Cirque du Soleil.

    Eiko Ishioka
    石岡 瑛子, Ishioka Eiko, July 12, 1939, Tokyo – January 21, 2012, Tokyo

    In a career marked by great versatility, Ishioka won a Grammy Award in 1986 for best album package as art director for Miles Davis’ “Tutu.”
    Her sets and costumes for David Henry Hwang’s Broadway play “M. Butterfly” earned her two Tony Award nominations in 1988.

  • Faye Dunaway
    1) Eiko Ishioka (with Faye Dunaway) for Japanese department store, Parco

    2) Faye Dunaway Peels an Egg – (youtube)

  • The Fall
    See The Fall – trailer (Previous post – Captive Girls)

    Our first marriage from the Fall (youtube)

    Bjork Cocoon (youtube)

    Eiko Ishioka filmography

    A Tribute to Ishioka

    Wave to Orlando

    Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

    Tilda Swinton on Virginia Woolf (Telegraph)

    When Tilda Swinton first discovered Virginia Woolf’s ‘Orlando’, she embraced it as a practical guide to living. Fifteen years later she played the gender-hopping hero on screen. Now, as a new edition is published, the actress maps the obsessions behind Woolf’s revolutionary novel

  • Roger Fry’s portrait painting of Virginia Woolf

  • Virginia Via
    25 January 1882 – 28 March 1941

  • Painting of Virginia Woolf by her sister Vanessa Bell

  • Recently departed Etta James was also born on Jan 25.

  • Etta James – The Sky is Crying

    Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

    Etta James January 25, 1938 – January 20, 2012
    She would have been 74 years old today.

    Funeral set for Saturday

  • Etta James her lonely sound

    She was an accident, born to a fourteen-year-old black girl in Depression-era Los Angeles. She never knew her father, but thought that he might have been the famous white pool player, Rudolf “Minnesota Fats” Wanderone, whom she met in the nineteen-eighties.

    Salon five great youtube moments

  • Filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos hit by a motorcycle. R.I.P

    Happy Dragon New Year

    Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

    Happy birthday Jim Jarmusch. Jan 22, 1953. he is a Water Dragon.

    Some trivia from (IMDB )

  • Once almost died from eating wild mushrooms, which resulted in an interest in the study of mushroom.
  • Father worked at the Goodrich tire plant in Akron, Ohio. Mother reviewed films for the Akron Beacon Journal.
  • Although Broken Flowers (2005) came out after Lost in Translation (2003), Jarmusch wrote the script exclusively for Bill Murray before Sofia Coppola.
  • (via)

    On why Jim Jarmusch dedicated “Broken Flowers” to Jean Eustache.

    There’s something in him that I want to carry in myself: making a film the way you choose to make it, true to yourself without being concerned with the marketplace or anyone’s expectations – just the pure spirit of wanting to express something in your own style. That’s very important to me.(via)

    Jim Jarmusch is working on a new film – a vampire movie no less! – featuring Tilda Swinton, Mia Wasikowska and John Hurt, to be shot in Germany, Morocco and Detroit in early 2012. (wiki)

    What happend to his Nikola Tesla Opera?

    Music sucks in 99% of commercial films.. in complete agreement here with Jim Jarmusch on(Youtube)

    (Repost – his Mitchum stories are too funny.)

    Thunder Road Robert Mitchum..

    J.J. in Bored to death

    A quote from J.J..

    The beauty of life is in small details, not in big events.

    Ozu Yasujiro (Jim visited his grave in Japan)

    Not dead, no broken flowers, no stranger in paradise.. mystery train? maybe..
    definetely coffee and cigarattes..and let’s spend a night on earth driving taxis all over the world.

    Jan 22 birthday people
    Antonio Gramasci

    Dennis Oppenheim – One year after his death

    Saturday, January 21st, 2012

    “Device to Root out Evil” (via JTWINE) Dennis Oppenheim passed away a year ago.

    Stab Bats 1991

  • Two objects

    Museum in Tokyo (Photo by Mario A )

    The Museum of Contemp. Art Tokyo (MOT) shows his work in a separate room, a smart gesture. (Thanks to Mario A )

    Buildings Poking Their Eyes Out
    1997 2’ x 16’ x 5’
    A: One Eye Out, B: Two Eyes Out, C: Four Eyes Out
    Corrugated fiberglass, rolled galvanized metal, wax, fiberboard, pigments
    Photo: Erma Estwick

    Dennis Oppenheim (Previous post has many links to interviews, his bio etc)

    Iron Boat

    Stop SOPA

    Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

    SOPA black out protest makes history – Amy Goodman
    Artists opposing the PROTECT-IP / SOPA Act

    If you hate big government – no 2 SOPA

    Take action – google message here

    We answer your questions during wiki black out.

    See more quote from Emmanuel Levinas

    Jan Groover R.I.P

    Thursday, January 12th, 2012

    Jan Groover dies at 68. (NYtimes)

    Jan Groover, whose relentlessly formal still lifes of mundane objects brought a sense of Renaissance stateliness to postmodern photography, died on Jan. 1 in Montpon-Ménestérol, France, where she had lived since 1991. She was 68.

    Using a variety of camera formats to affect perception and plane, Jan Groover creates complex, abstract spatial arrangements in her still-life, portrait, and landscape photography. Her images demonstrate her craftsmanship in the darkroom with their finely-wrought delicacy. A painter by training, Groover makes reference to art history in her photographs, from Renaissance perspective drawings to Cezanne’s tabletops.

    Pears from Sals Blog (Still life research)

    Vintage Kitchen Still Life

    Triptych (SFMOMA)

    Emmanuel Levinas

    Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

  • Emmanuel Levinas

    12 January 1906

    His work is based on the ethics of the Other or, in Levinas’ terms, on “ethics as first philosophy”. For Levinas, the Other is not knowable and cannot be made into an object of the self, as is done by traditional metaphysics

    Levinas Text(via)

    Other birthdays
    Alice James Alice James, wife of William James by Sargent or or Mrs William James
    Water color portrait by John Singer Sargent
    Born On January 12, 1856

    Wiiliam James January 11, 1842

    Eve Arnold R.I.P

    Saturday, January 7th, 2012
  • Eve Arnold a famous Magnum photographer who showed Marilyn reading James Joyce died at 99.

    Parting Glance (lens.blogs NYtimes obit)

    “Eve was a dynamo,” Ms. Meiselas said. “She might have been small and compact, but she was just unbelievably productive and hugely generous.”
    She was outspoken, too. “She didn’t hold back in a gang of men. She was very present and encouraging and generous, in a sense — to me as a young woman, but also in a collective spirit.”

  • Silvana Mangano at MoMa looking at Brancusi, photo by Eve Arnold

  • Eve Arnold self-portrait

    Malcolm X

    Click to see large
    Bruce Chatwin interviewing Indira Gandhi ( Photo by Eve Arnold)

    See Andy Warhol photos from Magnum collection (see him exercising, using toilet as his chair)

    Guardian selection

    Space Talk

    Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

    Stephen Colbert interviews Neils deGrasse Tyson

  • Lunar Tom Sachs

  • Black hole lensing Moving Side by Side

  • Tom Sachs Nasa