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John Updike R.I.P

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

John Updike, literature’s wide-ranging master, is dead at 76

Oil by Alex Katz updikekatz Time magazine cover 1982 (via)

As a chronicler of modern life and the anxieties revealed in suburban existence, John Updike has established himself as one of America’s most eminent men of letters.

A conversation with John Updike (In October 2008, John Updike spoke with Sam Tanenhaus, the editor of the Book Review, about the craft of fiction and the art of writing.)

Updike describes this Hopper painting, People in the Sun, 1960, as “unreal,” both in terms of its landscape and its characters.

Without turning to an inner reality, Hopper could not have created Hoppers. they give us back a now-historic world, with its Automats and empty roads and gilded movie palaces, preserved by a still-potent intimacy. (skip) Hopper’s quite personal silence spoke. Having stood before each of the fifty-nine canvases displayed on the third floor, this viewer at the elevator door had an impulse to run back in again, as at some lovelorn parting, and make the encounter yield a final word torn from the depths of what Henry James might have termed “the so beautifully unsaid.” (Still Looking, NPR)

People in the Sun by Edward Hopper

On Andy Warhol – John Updike on Rolling Stone

Artist, philosopher, impresario. He changed American culture. You can worship him for that. Or blame him. – .

Warhol’s movies, his books (like those of Gertrude Stein) need audiences with the patience of saints; the wall art conveys a funerary stillness and glitz in one electric glance, and the only saint needed in the room is St. Andy — St. Andy, the benign, wan apostle of surface and nullity, reconciling us to a cluttered world emptied of more than superficial content. His heritage is all around us, wherever reality feels like television and art like a silk-screened Weegee.

Fast Art – New Republic (A review of Andy Warhol)

In the Philosophy, some of his remarks have the penetrating desolation we associate with maximists like La Rochefoucauld and Chamfort. “I think that just being alive is so much work at something you don’t always want to do. Being born is like being kidnapped. And then sold into slavery.” The equation of being born with being kidnapped takes one’s breath away, and the Warhol “works” on display in New York assume a new light when seen as the fruits of a kind of cosmic slavery.

Remembering John Updike in Black and White: His Own Bi-Racial Family

The fifth chapter in that book of memoirs, titled “A Letter to my Grandsons,” is a letter to his first two African-American grandchildren–more such mixed-racial grandchildren would follow since two of his four children married in this manner.

The elements of style – God and sex in Updike’s early stories BY RICHARD C. WALLS

UNHAPPY IN HIS OWN WAY: the overwhelming prose delivers an essential pleasure of reading Updike; either you swill in it or you don’t.

Read his short story updikeout Outage (New Yorker magazine)

(March 18, 1932 – Jan 27,2009) updike

Year of the Ox

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Jan 26 2009 starts the year of the Ox

Lao Tse on an ox laozi-on-an-ox (via)

Obama is a solid Leo/Ox as was Napoleon Bonaparte. (pretty scary thought) Ox leaders include M. Thatcher, Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein. Maybe the Chinese should choose a new animal.
J.S.Bach, Vincent Van Gogh and Charlie Chaplin were Aries Ox. (more famous Ox people here.)

Johanne Sebastian Bach was a majestic Ox

The Tramp was a melancholy Ox

The Ox directed by Sven Nykvist 1991

Here is a terribly depressing movie to go with the current troubled times.

Google Ox

And finally visit two Art and culture Ox blogs – Unmuzzled Ox (By an editor of magazine Unmuzzled Ox) and La Vache qui lit (Mme Levy an expat living in France)

Georg Baselitz

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Georg Baselitz baselitznotte(via Gagosian)

Happy Birthday G. B. He is 71 years old today. (Jan 23)

Pace Piece baselitzpace

<> <> <>baselitz2 (via MoMa)

In this group of nine oil on canvas paintings, each over 13 feet high, Baselitz couples Slavic folk motifs with images of his family. He has included himself as a child, his wife Elke – as a girl and as a young adult – his mother Lieselotte, and his father Johannes.
See more paintings here

Update: Jean Paul Belmondo turned 75 on Jan 22, 2009
Jeanne Moreau turned 81 today! Happy Birthday Jeanne. (Previous birthday post for Moreau here)

Shaka Brah

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Shaka Brah shakaobama

See another photo of Shaka Brah Obama photo here.

Shaka Brah Blog has surfing photos.

Boro boro is Japanese but it can almost pass as Hawaiian. No I am not talking about Michelle Obama’s controversial inaugural dress designed by Cuban American designer.

Ozu ozu (sheepish) is not Obama’s style. No more Mafia hiso hiso whisper. Da Kine hapa Prez talk good story and wear zori slipper like a good local boy.

The world is waku waku doki doki waiting to see what Obama will do next, our Shaka Brah President!
-waku-waku nervous, excited, trembling-
-doki doki excited, nervous, beating of the heart (esp. in romantic situations)

Obama Hindi Song (youtube) via Amitava

Update.. Obama is Ozu Ozu..(cautious and scared) and hiso hiso (whisper) secretive.

Path of Victory

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Odetta Path of Victory
<> <>

Sinnerman MLK Remix
<> <>

I have a dream

Shoes Square Dance

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

<> <> <> India Israel Protest (Via)

A Sketchbook illustration by Ross MacDonald from the February 2009 issue of Vanity Fair.

The Servant

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Sylvie Testud in Murderous Maids

Murderous Maids<> <> <> Papin Sisters <> <> <> Joseph Losey and Pinter

Sarah Miles, Dirk Bogarde and James Fox in the Servant

Try <> <> <> Housewife Tarot <> <> <> today.

Skiing in Utah

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Driving to Sundance

  • Hitokuchi senbei yukisenbei1

    <> <> <> yuki
    <> <> <> yuki2


    Sundance lodge

    Sundance is a small place. Not many people. We saw quite a few kids with mommy or daddy. The controlling parents all talk weird to their kids. “Do the Spaghetti”; “do the pizza”; or “do the french fry”. (different fast foods seems to mean different ski positions we guess.) Talk about the influence of the fast food culture. Such poverty of expression – so sad.


    Yukiguni (Snow Country) by Kawabata Yasunai – Previous post

    Two Old Photos

    Monday, January 5th, 2009

    <> <> kurokawa1906 Photo by by Kurokawa Suizan
    Japan Photo Info

    He went into the woods and came back with the goods. Whoa!

  • hoki(Via)

    Bark, Sun, Twigs and Ice – 2009

    Thursday, January 1st, 2009

    <> <> 09newyear

    All the movement is in your brain.

    Joanna Mattera welcomes 2009

    Happy Holidays from the Rodeo – Megan and Murray

    Jurgen’s email from Germany

    we’ll be here for another week and than take off for SF.
    has been fun so far.

    Jtwine jtwineice
    Niesatt ice cold

    See his ice drawings here.

    J. D. Salinger is 90 years old today. (Still Paging Mr. Salinger – NYtimes) If you are born on New Year’s day you might want to hide too.
    While Salinger is still hiding, the self-evident is still counting – “You and blogging were made for each other.” comment from Curtis F.

    Gong Li was born on New Year’s Eve. (Like Matisse and Paul Bowles) Communist China and Gong Li go their separate ways.

    Aaron Hillis (Greencine daily)

    I intend to find a tone and platform that not only proves it matters, but encourages curiosity, discourse, and awakens new cineastes. Just as Sean Penn channeled Harvey Milk, my name is Aaron Hillis and I’m here to recruit you.

    Goodbye to bark bark Wbark2