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The Mad Tea Party

Friday, February 27th, 2009

millionchair1<> <> fisktable

Found a table to go with a ridiculously expensive chair – 28 Million Dollors.
Dragon Chair by Eileen Gray – The End Table by Lars Fisk (the right image)

Lars Fisk plays with fake chinoiserie and other aspects of fetishized “foreignness.


The unique and remarkable ‘Dragons’ armchair was acquired from Miss Gray by Suzanne Talbot, the first patron to provide her with an opportunity to create a complete environment. The exotic, symbolist character of the piece situates it conceptually within the first phase of Miss Gray’s creative cycle.

Teapot with Cushion teapot21

Teapot with panty <>tpthumbnail
Altered teapots by Ryan Fitzer

Although these are technically teapots, I am excited about their sculptural possibilities. My original inspiration came from the Philip Guston retrospective at the Fort Worth Modern in 2003. I came across one of his later works on paper “Untitled (Kettle)” from 1980. What really struck me about this simple image of a kettle was how Guston gave himself the permission to alter the idea of a kettle to suit his tastes.

<> <>tonyfeher
Tony Feher
Nine mylar bags and push pins – 2004

Not You Babe!

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Nikki Giovanni nikki

Watch Nikki Giovanni with Bill Moyers.

NIKKI GIOVANNI: “My Muse.” This is so egocentric.
I am my own muse
I delight me with my words of both wit and wisdom
I teach myself so much, such insight into the human soul, such compassion for the weak and weary, such utter contempt for the self-satisfied.

Not you babe!, Nikki Giovanni gives her very funny opinion on Condoleezza Rice on youtube a few years ago.

Wished Nikki Giovanni read her poem at the Obama inauguration, she would electrify the crowd like she did at Virginia Tech.

Speaking of amazing and wonderful speech, in case you missed Mickey Rourke at Independent Spirit awards, he thinks Eric Roberts needs to work,.

Who is the smartest person in the western world? Not you babe, Gail Trimble is.
BBC – is having a wide range of general knowledge the same as being a “clever” person?

American psychologist Howard Gardner thinks intelligence has eight aspects: logical, linguistic, spatial, musical, kinesthetic, naturalist, intrapersonal and interpersonal

Edar, ParaSite ETC.

Saturday, February 21st, 2009


EDAR (Everyone Deserves a Roof) is a new invention from movie producer Peter Samuelson that serves as a tent and shopping cart for the homeless.

Watch Edar on youtube


The paraSITE project by Michael Rakowitz involves “Custom built inflatable shelters designed for homeless people that attach to the exterior outtake vents of a building’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. The warm air leaving the building simultaneously inflates and heats the double membrane structure. Built and distributed to over 30 homeless people in Boston and Cambridge, MA and New York City.

paraSite from Niall
Buckminster Fuller’s dream car also from Niall

Recycled House in Huntsville Texas

Empty Your Beer & Mind

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009


The Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew is a Buddhist temple in Thailand that is constructed of beer bottles; it is located in Sisaket province. The temple is said to employ a million bottles in its construction. Not just a masterpiece of recycling, it is also a functioning Buddhist temple.

See more images here

Famous Thai Beer wiki page

Drunken brawl at Thai Temple

One of three men in a drunken brawl hurled a hand grenade in a field where hundreds of people were celebrating the completion of a new temple pavilion with dancing and folk music, said Pol. Col. Thammajak Kongmongkol.

Klaus Nomi’s Valentine’s Day

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

Treat yourself a Klaus Nomi flash animation klausgif

Klaus Nomi sings The Cold Song by Henry Purcell (six months before his death, he performed in Munich – now on youtube).

He came from outer space, to save the human race. (The Nomi Song) You can order this film at netflix for instant viewing.

After the fall <> <> Simple Man(youtube) and Wiki Klaus Nomi <> <> more links at Zabakdaz

All about his unfinished opera Valentine’s Day here.
Update:The Boom Is Over. Long Live the Art!

The best art was subversive, but in very un-’60s, nonideological ways. When, at midnight, you heard Klaus Nomi, with his bee-stung black lips and robot hair, channeling Maria Callas at the Mudd Club, you knew you were in the presence of a genius deviant whose very life was a political act. (NYtimes – Holland Cutter)

  • And Happy Birthday Janet! 161
    <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>196

    Two paintings by Janet Paparelli

    Allora & Calzadilla Part II + Vlatka Horvat

    Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

    <> <> <> <> alloracalzadilla-0121
    Humor and Beauty – Blog Art 21

    How can humor be used to say something serious? – Joe Fusaro

    See also Allora & Calzadilla slideshow from Lisson Gallery

    Berlin September 2007, Vlatka spends a day rearranging the furniture in a large ornamental pond.
    VH-284 (via)

    I like that, looks cool. the building just besides the pond looks even cooler. Die “schwangere Auster” an amazing piece of architecture. (Jtwine – via email)

    See also Vlatka Horvat’s “Birds Shelf” at The Kitchen

    In her first solo exhibition in the United States, Horvat creates an uncanny environment of projected images, modified found objects, and architectural propositions in which the body and the space it occupies are presented as sites of delusion, collapse, and fragmentation while still offering an alternative model for reinvention, resistance, and play. (via)

    Allora & Calzadilla

    Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

    mudhippo (via)

    a performer reads a newspaper on the back of a mud sculpture of a hippopotamus, created by Puerto Rico-based artists Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, at the arts Biennale in Venice.

    Allora and Calzadilla bla bla bla (on youtube) and bio here.

    More bla bla on Form (youtube)

    Their exhibition Stop, Repair and Prepare at Barbara Gladstone – to February 21, 2009

    <> <> <>

    Praise Shark or Snark

    Friday, February 6th, 2009

    Ride the Flarf Fixie and visit the Snark Market.

    Flarf and Snark flarfsnark
    My Geisha Cacti are posing as Flarf and Snark. They have been out of work and were not getting enough attention from the public. In real life they are neither flarfy nor snarky, they enjoy being competent, useful and being professional.

    Flarf is in glory hole according to Gary Sullivan

    Tao Lin tried to replace Flarf with something else in 2007, not too successfuly. (Previously we went Diving with Tao Lin)

    Here is One dollor shark gift from Jurgen who jurgenrabbithas been scouting for a new funfinfin location in Potrero Hill.

    Watch Charlie Rose goes beserk defending snarky Maureen Dawd from this interview with David Denby who was promoting his new book called Snark. (Skip to inaugural poem remix if you had enough of Charlie.)

    Someone is trying to make noise. (Is it Kenneth Goldsmith?)

    Begin Cotton Lettuce glittering edifices (Like this more than the others)

    Any sentence can be made <> <> <> <> Twin Peaks <> <> <> <> All I need is ham

    Praise Song for tomorrow or not <> <> Take Out Your Boom <> <> Words words words

    Defuge Flarf – don’t know who made this tape. Not by Alan Sondheim

    The texts are mine, defuge is a concept I’ve worked with, but I have no idea who did the video – wish I did – Alan (via email)

    And, of that word, defuge, he writes elsewhere:

    fetishization transformed into discard, disgust, the image no longer working, _that_ body used up in masturbation. It is so common that a word is necessary here, the _defuge,_ defuse / refuge / deluge / refuse, de-light, de-flower. Rhyme patterns, frames, defuges; it is the defuge that draws the poem forward beyond return

    Alan Sondheim and His Birthday Buddies

    Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

    Happy Birthday, Alan!alansondheim1(via flickr)

    Alan read 12 books by Lafcadio Hearn,
    Alan thought Hearn was extremely manic-depressive, accented on the latter.
    Alan wished Georg Baselitz was born on Feb 3 like himself. No such luck.
    Instead Alan shares a birthday with the great Austrian poet Georg Trakl who was schizophrenic and possibly incestuous.
    Austrian poet Georg Trakl geotrakl
    Select poems by Georg Trakl

    Previous birthday celebration for Feb 3 included Gertrude Stein who might have collaborated with the Vichy and Simone Weil who had eating disorders and starved herself to death.

    The Saint of the Undecided The Notebook of Simone Weil (Time)

    For Iris Chang a heartbreaking poem by Alan Sondheim

    Kenneth Anger was born on Feb 3. Don’t mix him up with Stan Brakhage.

    Rabbit’s Moon (youtube)

    The Masters Players

    Sunday, February 1st, 2009

    The Highway Code Part I by Master Singers

    One more video from the Master Singers who recorded in 1966 a Weather Forecast as an Anglican chant. (Youtube)

    I dedicate the above videos to Roger Federer.

    A sad day for Federer lovers. Two missed opportunities for Federer, Winbledon 2008 and Australia Open 2009.
    He did not serve well, he could not convert the break points many times.
    Both Nadal and Federer played incredible tennis on the whole.
    Nadal is the reason why Federer has not caught up with Peter Sampras record of winning 14 slams and Federer is the reason why Nadal may not catch up with Sampras record in the future, even though he is training to extend his body to last for more wins in grand slams.
    The two bring the level of excellence we have never witnessed previously. They are the true great champions, more gracious, more incredible than Pete Sampras.

    Highlights 2 – final match men´s single | Australian Open 2009

    Nadal and Verdasco rally
    <> <>