George Seurat – Don’t Miss his Birthay on December 2.

December 2nd, 2021
  • George Seurat Org

    George Seurat (December 2, 1859 – March 29, 1891)

    “We realized that that painting was the setting of a play,” explained Sondheim. “All the people in that painting, when you start speculating on why none of them are looking at each other, maybe there’s a reason for that. Maybe someone was having an affair with another one, or was related to someone else.” The final question Sondheim and Lapine asked themselves before they started work: Who was missing from the painting? Sondheim and Lapine both agreed — it was the artist

  • Happy bithday Goerge Seurat (December 2)

  • Baseera Khan – “I Am an Archive”

    November 17th, 2021
  • Baseera K.

    Baseera Khan I am an archive – New Yorker

  • Baseera Khan homepage

  • Baseera Khan I am an Archive

  • I am a Muslim – an interview with Baseera Khan

  • Mistress of the Dark

    October 30th, 2021

  • (Self Portrait- Michiko Kon)

    Michiko Kon Mistress of the Dark

  • (Art by Kaitlyn who is 15 years old)

  • Happy Halloween!

    Laurie Anderson at Hirshorn – Exhibition till July 2022

    October 26th, 2021

  • Laurie Anderson at the Hirshhorn

    Looking Back While Facing Forward: Laurie Anderson at the Hirshhorn

  • Laurie Anderson: The Weather – Hirshhorn Exhibition and Portrait

    Laurie Anderson The Weather

  • Laurie Anderson – interview

  • See more art from Vito Schnabel Gallery – Laurie Anderson

  • (Photo by Mary Ellen Mark)
    RIP Lou Reed who passed away on Oct 27, 2013.

    RIP Manuel Neri (April 12, 1930–October 18,2021)

    October 20th, 2021

  • Manuel Neri wiki

    Manuel Neri – Hackettmill (See more art here)

  • Manuel Neri was an American sculptor who is recognized for his life-size figurative sculptures in plaster, bronze, and marble. In Neri’s work with the figure, he conveys an emotional inner state that is revealed through body language and gesture.

    Granddaughter Kaitlyn performed at Phoenix art museum.

  • Etel Adnan, The Poet, Novelist, Journalist and Artist – Guggenheim Oct 8, 2021

    October 9th, 2021
  • Etel Adnan Art

  • Poetry Foundation

  • tk

    Exhibition – Etel Adnan Lights – New Measure

    She was born in Beirut in 1925 to a Greek mother and Syrian father; grew up speaking French, Arabic, and Greek; and as an adult has lived for extended periods in Lebanon, the United States, and France. She began to paint in the late 1950s, while working as a professor of philosophy in Northern California. It was a period when, in protest of France’s colonial rule in Algeria, she renounced writing in French and declared that she would begin “painting in Arabic.”

    While Adnan’s writings have been unflinching in their critique of war and social injustice, her visual art is an intensely personal distillation of her faith in the human spirit and the beauty of the natural world. She has stated, “It seems to me I write what I see, paint what I am.” Adnan creates her paintings decisively and intuitively.

    (Via Guggenheim)

  • The Luminous Abstractions of Etel Adnan (New Yorker)

  • Quattara Watts – Paintings

    September 2nd, 2021
  • Coolhunting.com Culture Quattara Watts

  • (Cultural Alchemy 1999)
    Maximum Impact, Kaelen Wilson Goldie on the art of Ouattara Watts

    Quattara Watts – wiki

    Ouattara Watts (born 1957) is an American artist[1] from Ivory Coast.[2] He studied at l’École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France.[3]

    In Paris, he met Jean-Michel Basquiat at an exhibition opening in January 1988. Basquiat was impressed by Watts’s paintings and convinced him to move to New York City. They had a very short but important collaboration.[4] In the documentary Basquiat, Une Vie, Watts was filmed in his studio, working and talking about Basquiat.

  • via

    Ouattara Watts and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Vrej Baghoomian Gallery, New York, September 5, 1988.
    See more Art net here

    Michael Andre – John Cage Shoes Story

    August 29th, 2021
  • Interview – Michael Andre Talks about his Poetry Photo via

    Michael Andre: Years Skip By Like a Stone Across a Pond

    Michael Andre is a Canadian, poet, critic and editor living in New York City. Andre hosted radio shows in Chicago and New York. He interviewed, published, and occasionally socialized with W. H. Auden and Eugene McCarthy, Beats like Gregory Corso, William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, John Cage and Andy Warhol.

    Andre is the editor of Unmuzzled OX, an occasional magazine of poetry, art and politics which began in 1971 as a quarterly and has produced 16 volumes. Andre edited and published two books by Gregory Corso, Earth Egg and Writings from OX.

  • Ray Johnson

    John Cage took me to a party for Buckminster Fuller. I was surprised to meet my friend Ellen Burstyn, and introduced her to John. We gabbed until Merce Cunningham arrived. John excused himself. “Who was that?” hissed the Oscar-winning actress. A month later I read in The Times that Burstyn and Cage had hosted a lavish party for Fuller. They forgot to invite me.

    John Cage Shoes blog“>Merce danced in John Cage shoes.

    Happy birthday-Michael Andre

    Michael Andre told me about Benedetta Barzini’s father.

    This is an amazing book
    On page 37
    Beyond Realism
    You Know the details of the kangaroo. – Leonard Cohen.

  • Wolfgang Aichner and Thomas Huber – Intervention Art Installation

    August 21st, 2021
  • Wolfgang Aichner


  • Installation – Sisy at Woox
    (sisy at woox
    2021 in collaboration with Thomas Huber (GÆG)
    The red boat from passage2011 goes travelling again!
    on top of a factory wall in Jesenik/ Czech Republic)

  • Read the article here.

    German artists drag giant metallic pen through US desert

    Chuck Close (July 5, 1940 – Aug 19, 2021)

    August 19th, 2021
  • Self Portrait
    Relief etching on Japanese paper, 100 x 76,2 cm
    (39 x 30 in.), signed and numbered. Edition of 99.

  • See more from his homepage

    RIP Chuck Close (wiki)

  • Fingerprint Paintings by Chuck Close

  • Notes On Chuck Close in Rome – Paris Review

  • The Passing of Korean artist Kim Guiline

    August 16th, 2021
  • <> <>
    (Title – Inside Oustide)

  • Kim Guiline
    Photo via Gallery Hyundai

    It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to Kim Guiline (1936-2021) who passed away on the 12 August, last Thursday in Paris.
    Kim Guiline, the master of Korean abstract art, consistently pursued awareness of the surface through 50 years his oeuvre. Kim also encouraged spectators to actively participate in his perceptual activities, and suggested the act of looking at the works as a kind of meditation beyond mere encounters with paintings.

    Kim Guiline Painter Dead (Art News)

    Kim Guiline, Korean Artist at Forefront of Monochromatic Painting Movement, Has Died at 85

  • (Title – Poetry of Grid)

  • <> <> <>

    Art Net – Kim Guiline

    Anri Sala – an Artist from Albania

    August 8th, 2021

  • (Anri Sala. No Barragán No Cry. 2002.)

    (Anri Sala The Last Resort, 2017 )

    Finding the words, Anri Sala and Language

    Anri-Sala, Marian Goodman

    Anri Sala was born in 1974 in Tirana, Albania. He lives and works in Berlin,
    Sala’s transformative, time-based works are constructed through multiple relationships between image, architecture and sound, utilizing these as elements to fold, capsize and question experience. His works investigate ruptures in language, syntax, and music in order to validate or invalidate narrative and composition, inviting creative dislocations which generate new interpretations of history, supplanting old fictions with new, less explicit, and less duplicitous ones.