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Music of Akira Ifukube – Beyond Godzilla

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Godzilla godzilla weeps weeps via

Akira Ifukube akira_and_isao Godzilla composer on the left, his brother Isao (right)

Akira Ifukube was born on 31 May 1914

Akira’s Homepage

Check his film scores on youtube
Godzilla under the sea

Rainy Night Duel

And one more…

Symphonic Ode : Gotama the Buddha (Thanks to Andrew Pothecary)

Ingmar Bergman and His Mother

Sunday, May 29th, 2011
  • Ingmar bergmanMom
    and Mrs Karin Bergman

    The first sentences from the Magic Lantern by Ingmar Bergman.

    When I was born in 1918, my mother has Spanish influenza. I was in a bad way and was baptized as
    a precaution at the hospital. One day the family was visited by the old house doctor, who looked at me and said
    “He’s dying of undernourishment.”

    Of his mother Ingmar wrote

    Today, as I lean over photographs of my childhood to study my mother’s face thourgh a magnifying glass, I
    try to penetrate long vanished emotions. Yes, I loved her and she is very attractive in the photograph, with her thick centre-parted hair above a broad forehead, her soft oval face, gentle sensual mouth, her warm unaffected gaze below dark shapely eye-brows, her small strong hands.

    Ingmar Bergman and Peter Sellers

    Peter Sellers did not show up in his memoir The Magic Lantern. Peter was a strange man who did not seem to know himself.

    Unknown Peter Sellers (youtube)<> part II, part III

    Leonora Carrington R.I.P

    Thursday, May 26th, 2011

    Leonora with Max Ernst and Paul Eluard Photo by Lee Miller

    Leonora Carrington was 94 years old

    Leonora Carrington, a British-born Surrealist and onetime romantic partner of Max Ernst whose paintings depicted women and half-human beasts floating in a dreamscape of images drawn from myth, folklore, religious ritual and the occult, died on Wednesday in Mexico City, where she lived. She was 94.

    See Green Tea, or La Dame Ovale, a 1942 painting by Carrington from
    Guardian Obit

    English surrealist painter and sculptor regarded as a national treasure in Mexico

    <> Leonara2

    Leonora Carrington and The Debutante (Youtube) – Excerpt from Documentary,”The Flowering of the Crone: Leonora Carrington

    My Brother’s War

    Saturday, May 21st, 2011

    <> <> <> 2Garyhines

    Gary Hines 1GaryHines

    Jessica Hines homepage

    Through the remembrances of his wartime friends and through my own journeys to Vietnam in 2007 and 2008, I retraced Gary’s “footsteps” using his letters and photographs as guides. I continue to make discoveries about wartime in Vietnam as experienced by its veterans. The visual record of those experiences continues to unfold.”

    NewYorker (with slideshow)

    Lens Culture

  • Female Drug Addiction Karima in Afganistan
    Raphaela Persson

    Boxing Girls in Kabul
    Raphaela Persson

  • Allora alloracal Calzadilla (NYtimes)

    The Caribbean-based artist collaborative Allora and Calzadilla will represent USA at this year’s Venice Biennale. For the American Pavilion they are preparing a an exhibition consisting of 6 new projects, titled “Gloria”, which will involve performances by professional gymnasts, custom-made pipe organ with a fully functioning A.T.M. and a 52-ton military tank turned upside down and topped with a treadmill and an Olympic runner (via Happyfamousartists)

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    Dennis Hopper – The Last Movie & Photos

    Tuesday, May 17th, 2011
  • 1aDennishLastMovie
    The Last Movie the film that buried a visionary…

    The movie won the Critics Prize at the Venice Film Festival; despite this, it failed financially and critically after a two-week run at New York City’s Cinema (wiki the Last Movie)

    <> <> <> dennishopper

    BBC Dennis Hopper Documentary

    Jean TinguelyJeanTinguely

    Rauchenberg R.R.dennis-hopper

    Then I had Easy Rider, and I couldn’t get another movie, so I lived in Mexico City for a couple of years. I lived in Paris for a couple of years. I didn’t take any photographs, and then I went to Japan and saw a Nikon used. I bought it, and I just started, like an alcoholic. I shot 300 rolls of film. That was the beginning of me starting again, and then I went digital

    See more photos starting with the photo of Paul Newman by Dennis Hopper here. (Chasing Light)


    Ed Ruscha 1964 Photographd by Dennis Hopper

  • Lou Harrison

    Saturday, May 14th, 2011


    May 14, 1917 – February 2, 2003 Lou Harrison was an American composer. He was a student of Henry Cowell and Arnold Schoenberg.

    Lou Harrison Lou Harrison Soundings 1

    “He had a wide network of friends, a legendary thirst for knowledge and a just-as-legendary generous nature. “When Lou found a book that he liked, he would buy at least three copies,” said George Zelenz, an architect who lives nearby. “One for himself, one in case the first got lost and one for a friend he thought might like it.”

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    Don’t Look Now, The Birds, Daphne du Maurier

    Friday, May 13th, 2011

    D. S in Venice

    Julie Christie

    Of the films, du Maurier often complained that the only ones she liked were Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca and Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now. Hitchcock’s treatment of Jamaica Inn involved a complete rewrite of the ending to accommodate the ego of its star, Charles Laughton. Du Maurier also felt that Olivia de Havilland was totally wrong as the (anti-)heroine in My Cousin Rachel.

    Daphne du Maurier daphne 13 May 1907


    If Daphne du Maurier had written only Rebecca, she would still be one of the great shapers of popular culture and the modern imagination. Few writers have created more magical and mysterious places than Jamaica Inn and Manderley, buildings invested with a rich character that gives them a memorable life of their own.

    The Doll by D. M.
    Lost Daphne du Maurier story discovered

    The Best Intentions

    Saturday, May 7th, 2011

    <> <> bergmanmom-63

    Karin Bergman aged 20 photo above (Ingmar Bergman’s mother)

  • Happy mother’s day!

    Thank you mother – previous post.

    Tsuyoshi Shirai – Dance/Visual from Japan

    Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

    Wani Ballet (Crocodille Ballet)

    See Theco (youtube dance clip by Tsuyoshi Shirai)

    The Dancer 1Tsuyoshi Shirai- (via Shift)

    Interview with Tsuyoshi Shirai

    TSUYOSHI SHIRAI is a dancer, choreographer and founder of the Contemporary Dance Group daneto, which performs dance, music and video works. The groups performances, which feature collaboration with contemporary music and a wide range of artists, have been well received both at home and abroad.
    In 2004, Shirai performed the solo work “mass, slide, &.” In 2011, he created and presented a new visual work based on “mass, slide, &.” called “mass, slide, &. in frames” at YCAM. He has been trying many new things not only showing his visual works on the web but also make all materials downloadable. He describes this new creation as “dance as a visual work.” We asked Shirai to explain his views on the difference between theatrical and video works.