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Chorus of Chairs

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

<> chairs2
James Hopkins via

See some fanatastic chairs by famous artists from here.

still life with chair installations and manipulations of
the undemanding object

Tony Cragg <> tonycragg

Tom Friedmantomfriedman
– his school chair, drilled into skeletal oblivion.

Scott Burton Chair

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    Alfred Schnittke

    Tuesday, November 24th, 2009
  • The Unreal World of Schnittke (youtube documentary)

    <> <> Violin sonata 1 (1st mov.) (youtube)

    <> <> Schnittke Polke

    <> <> Maria Butyrskaya skates to “Tale of Wandering (2002 Olympics)

    (Images via German site )

    Alfred Schnittke was born on November 24, 1934 – August 3, 1998

    Schnittke was often the target of the Soviet bureaucracy. His First Symphony was effectively banned by the Composers’ Union, and after he abstained from a Composers’ Union vote in 1980, he was banned from travelling outside of the USSR. In 1985, Schnittke suffered a stroke which left him in a coma. He was declared clinically dead on several occasions, but recovered and continued to compose. In 1990, Schnittke left Russia and settled in Hamburg.

    Ninth Day Trailer a film by Volker Schlöndorff uses Schnittke for the soundtrack.

    A London festival celebrates Alfred Schnittke

    Winston Churchill once described Russia as “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”, but his words could just as well be applied to Schnittke. As with a nest of Russian dolls, every time we seem at last to know the composer, another Schnittke is revealed underneath. There is the grand and serious Schnittke of the choral Symphony No 2. There is Schnittke the joker (try his wildly irreverent cadenzas to Beethoven’s Violin Concerto). There is the intense Cello Sonata, the desolate Symphony No 6, the scalding String Trio. And, most characteristically, there are the countless occasions when it seems that Schnittke does not want to let on who he is at all, but hides behind the musical masks of other composers.

    Paul Celan

    Monday, November 23rd, 2009

    Paul Celan celan22 (Via)

    Poet, translator, essayist, and lecturer, influenced by French Surrealism and Symbolism. Celan was born in Romania, he lived in France, and wrote in German. His parents were killed in the Holocaust; the author himself escaped death by working in a Nazi labor camp. “Death is a Master from Germany”, Celan’s most quoted words, translated into English in different ways, are from the poem ‘Todesfuge’ (Death Fugue).


    “A poem, as a manifestation of language and thus essentially dialogue, can be a message in a bottle, sent out in the – not always greatly hopeful – belief that somewhere and sometime it could was up on land, on heartland perhaps. Poems in this sense, too, are under way: they are making toward something.”

    I hear the place can’t be named,

    I hear the bread that looks on him
    heals the hanged man,
    the bread his wife baked him,

    I hear they call life
    the only refuge.

    Translated by by Ian Fairley

    Paul Celan was born on 23 November 1920.
    Celan is an anagram of the Romanian spelling of his surname, Ancel. (Paul Celan wiki)
    Last Poems by Paul Celan

    Fung Ching Kelling 2009

    Saturday, November 21st, 2009

    Blue Elephant blueelephant2
    Collage by Fung Ching Kelling

    Cid <> <> <> cid1

  • Hello hello1
    Digital image by Fung Ching Kelling

  • kaipoi11-01-08_copy1
    Blue Kai Poi (repost)

  • Happy Birthday Fung Ching! (She is my sister)

    Wave Apples Digital images

    Fung Ching shares a birthday with Rene Magritte Memory-Souvenir (previous post)

  • Best in Show

    Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

    <> <>

    Last Saturday garage sale bike ride has turned into a dog show.

    <> <> dogours1

    Spike and Daisy can not believe the amazing varities that exist among dogs.



    Yellow dyellow1 bike


  • Found this site 8 ways to prepare your pets for war.

  • O’Keefe and Marianne Moore

    Sunday, November 15th, 2009


    My father used to say,
    “Superior people never make long visits,
    have to be shown Longfellow’s grave
    or the glass flowers at Harvard.
    Self-reliant like the cat—
    that takes its prey to privacy,
    the mouse’s limp tail hanging like a shoelace from its mouth—
    they sometimes enjoy solitude,
    and can be robbed of speech
    by speech which has delighted them.
    The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence;
    not in silence, but restraint.”
    Nor was he insincere in saying, “Make my house your inn.”
    Inns are not residences.

    Marianne Moore marianne-moore-map1

    What are years

    What is our innocence,
    what is our guilt? All are
    naked, none is safe. And whence
    is courage: the unanswered question,
    the resolute doubt, –
    (Read more here)

    See Moore’s handwriting here.
    Marianne Moore was a Modernist American poet and writer noted for her irony and wit.

    Georgia 1okeefe O’Keefe
    (photo by Don Worth)

    Georgia O’Keefe and Marianne Moore were both born on Nov 15, 1887.
    Georgia married and lived longer than Marianne.

    Update: Georgia O’Keefe: More Real than Realism by John Haber (Whitney Show)

    Her abstractions show how often she surprised even herself. Instead of sustaining an image, including her image, she pushed an image just to see what it could become. When it got predictable, she threw it away and started over. Is this really an artist known for her purity? O’Keeffe gets one thinking how pure her abstraction or realism ever were. As she said, “Nothing is less real than realism,” and it drew her close to abstraction all her life.

    Dr Sun Yat Sen

    Thursday, November 12th, 2009

    Dr Sun Yat Sen

    Sun Yat-sen (pinyin Sūn Yìxiān) (12 November 1866 – 12 March 1925) was a Chinese revolutionary and political leader. As the foremost pioneer of Republican China, Sun is frequently referred to as the Father of the Nation. Sun played an instrumental role in overthrowing the Qing Dynasty in October 1911, the last imperial dynasty of China. He was the first provisional president when the Republic of China (ROC) was founded in 1912 and later co-founded the Kuomintang (KMT) where he served as its first leader. Sun was a uniting figure in post-Imperial China, and remains unique among 20th-century Chinese politicians for being widely revered in both mainland China and Taiwan.(Via)

    Dr Sun Yat Sen(1866-1925) & Penang

    Dr Sun Yat Sen’s original name was Sun Deming, he is also known as Sun Zhongsan(孫中山), Sun Wen(孫文), Sun Yixian (孫逸仙) & Sun Itchisen or Sun Itchiyama (Japanese names).
    He was born on 12-11-1866 in the village of Cuiheng, Xianshang county, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China; which is 26 km north of Macau. But a certificate of birth issued by Hawaii that he was born in Kingdom of Hawaii on 24-11-1870, but the claim of Hawaii birth was based on typewritten testimony, and without any documentation from witnesses. He died on 12-3-1925 after illness in Beijing, China.

    Obama went to Punahoe, Sun Yat Sen went to Iolani

    Dr Sun was in Malaya, Penang and Singapore during his preparation for the revolution.

    Sun Yat Sen in Japan in Jan 1901

    Unfortunately, his three principles did not survive his death and corrupt General Chiang Kai-Shek soon emerged as leader of the Kuomintang Party. The Japanese invasion and the escape of the Communist leaders through their long march set up conditions for the civil war after the defeat of Japan. After losing China to the Communists, Chiang Kai-Shek fled to Taiwan with much of China’s treasure and art works where a virtual dictatorship was created that survived until his death in 1975. Mao Tse_Tung also set up a ruthless dictatorship in China which exists until today. China as a Democratic Republic was lost to history.

    <> <> <> <> 2sunyatsen
    Sun Yat-sen Married Soong Ching Ling
    Soong Axis the Forgotten Dynasty Soong Ching Ling broke off from her brother in law (Chiang Kai-Shek) and remained in Communist China where she was respected by the party.

    Ching Ling (Madame Sun) differentiated herself from her siblings, believing that the Communists were better stewards of her late husband’s three principals than were the Kuomintang. She continued living in Shanghai after the Communist takeover until her death in 1981. Although she never joined the Communist party, she was honored with a period of national mourning and given a full state funeral in Beijing, lying in state for three days in the Great Hall of the People near Tiananmen Square.

    Last Life in the Lens Universe

    Monday, November 9th, 2009
  • This clip was captured with my digital camera by filming the clip of Last Life in the Universe on youtube. It was a quick way of shortening to the length I wanted. The camera noise is left there on purpose.

    A few more selections from my youtube account.

    Radha’s Dance (from the film The River directed by Jean Renoir)

    Dance sequence digital images

    Napoleanic Soldiers Changing Hairstyles (The Duellists by Ridley Scott) Take the film quiz – whose story was it from?

    Signs of Life (Werner Herzog’s first feature film)

    Three digital images developed from a digital photo of lobster tank in the Chinese restaurant.

    Shiki<> shiki

    Shabu –shabu

    Stanley stanley1

    The Noodle House and the Debt to Pleasure (Story of the Chinese restaurant where they kept the lobster tank).

  • Building with Whole Trees

    Sunday, November 8th, 2009

    Treehouse wholetree

    Sixteen years ago Mr. Gundersen started building a simple A-frame house here for his first wife and their son, Ian, now 15.(via)

    Tree roomwholetree2

    Building With Whole Trees

    “Curves are stronger than straight lines,” he explained. “A single arch supporting a roof can laterally brace the building in all directions.”

    Desert wtreetreehouse
    (Phoenix Desert Museum)
    <> <> <> Hut hut1
    (Phoenix Desert Museum)

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    Two Old Photos (Japanse Woodsman and street basket seller)

    Tilda Swinton

    Thursday, November 5th, 2009

    Tilda tilda-swinton1 (via)

  • See Tilda and Derek Jarman here.

  • Tilda Swinton (photo by by Simon Annand)

  • Beauty and Brain Edward Said and Tilda Swinton (Previous post)

  • Happy Birthday Tilda Swinton!

  • Claude Levi-Strauss R.I.P.

    Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009
  • Claude Levi Strauss claudelevi
    Portrait by late Irving Penn

    UNESCO pays tribute after death of anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss

    “His thoughts changed the way people perceived each other, striking down such divisive concepts as race and opening the way for a new vision based on recognition of the common bond of humanity.

    NYtimes obit

    The final volume ends by suggesting that the logic of mythology is so powerful that myths almost have a life independent from the peoples who tell them. In his view, they speak through the medium of humanity and become, in turn, the tools with which humanity comes to terms with the world’s greatest mystery: the possibility of not being, the burden of mortality.


    These Swaihwe masks, and the right to wear them in profane ceremonies, belonged exclusively to a few lineages of high rank, were transmitted by marriage, and brought luck and facilitated the acquisition of wealth.

    Swaihwe Mask cowichanswaihwe1
    Claude Levi – Strauss, The Way of the Masks (La Voie des Masques)

    Sontag on Levi-Strauss

    What journalists are saying – (The Atlantic)

    Berkeley graduate school audio lecture

    Claude Levi-Strauss at 100 (Previous post)

    Time Lapse

    Monday, November 2nd, 2009

    Ivan Regina (above) – to Heros Fragiles

    <> alantired2
    Alan Tired – Mobile phone photo by Alan Ebnother

  • jurgenbehind3
    Mr Blank in Heilbronn by Jurgen Trautwein

  • <> <> <> missinglink
    Google Missing link by Fung Lin Hall

    Nov 2 birthday artists :
    K. D Lang – SalmonBerries -Percy Adlon

    Richard Serra

    Emperor Huizong – The Emperor, Brushes and Brice Marden

    Luchino Visconti – part 1/12 youtube documentary