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Manuel Ocampo, La Liberte + William Lamson, etc – Halloween 2015

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015
  • La Liberte 1a Manuel_La Liberte_web
    Maneul Ocampo 1990

    Manuel Ocampo (born 1965) is a Filipino artist. His work fuses sacred Baroque religious iconography with secular political narrative. His works draw upon a wide range of art historical references, contain cartoonish elements, and draw inspiration from punk subculture.

  • God is my co-pilot

    The film chronicles this hugely talented artist’s rise to popularity, his mistrust of the art world that embraced him and his current efforts to recast himself as a post-identitarian artist.

  • Evelyn Waugh – God, Satan, Waugh Paris Review

  • Ted Hughes R.I.P
    28 October 1998

    He died one day after Sylvia Plath birthday (Sept 27).

    Lovesong read by Cillian Murphy (youtube).

  • arizWLamson
    William Lamson in Arizona

  • Gance & Greer, photos by Lartigue & Arbus

    Sunday, October 25th, 2015
  • 1abelganceL
    Photo of Gance by Latigue

    Abel Gance

    (25 October 1889 – 10 November 1981) was a French film director and producer, writer and actor. Pioneer in the theory and practice of montage, he is best known for three major silent films: J’accuse (1919), La Roue (1923), and the monumental Napoléon (1927).

    In his diary, Lartigue – he himself very much the photographer of motion (his mid-air freeze frames of leaping, jumping and throwing, as if to defy gravity, were revolutionary at the time), mobility, speed (car and motor races) and new technologies (the first attempts to fly) – called Gance “a great free bird.”

  • Napoleon’s fantastic dream Abel Gance (Youtube)

  • Artaud
    Antonin Artaud played Marat in Abel Gance’s Napoleon.

  • 1arbusGermaineG
    Germaine Greer photo by Diane Arbus

    Cardiff rejects bid to ban Germaine Greer.

    LONDON — Students at Cardiff University have begun an online petition trying to bar Germaine Greer, the Australian feminist author, from speaking there next month because of her views on transgender women.

    Ms. Greer’s views are well known, but the campaign to bar her from giving a lecture has raised the issue of academic censorship, and the university swiftly rejected the petition in the name of free speech.

  • Diane ArbusRevealed and Rediscovered or Her XmasTree

    Catherine Deneuve at 72 – 2015

    Thursday, October 22nd, 2015
  • 1catherineindochine

  • 1amanoel-oliveira-
    With Manoel Oliveira and John Malkovich

    See full film – Genealogies of a Crime – Raul Ruiz

    Mutant eggplant web art see Toledo and Tristana.

  • Click to see large


  • Happy birthday Catherine Deneuve.

    Cerith Wyn Evans – We are in Yucatan and every unpredicted thing

    Friday, October 16th, 2015
  • Flute 2011 1cerithFlute2011

  • Cerith Wyn Evans 1CerithWynEvansChandelier

    We are in Yucatan and every unpredicted thing

    See 8 Chandelias at White Cube (one was dedicated to Iannis Xenakis)

    Cerith Wyn Evans (Ingeby Gallery)

    Cerith Wyn Evans was born in Wales in 1958 and now lives and works in London. Wyn Evans began his career as a filmmaker, firstly assisting Derek Jarman and then, throughout the 1980’s, making his own short experimental films.

    By the 1990’s, Wyn Evans’ practice had begun to shift, focusing more on sculpture and installation art. Most of the artist’s work stems from his strong interest in language and communication – often using found or remembered texts from film, philosophy or literature combined with a powerful and beautifully clean aesthetic.

    Amongst his most recognisable works are his neon and firework texts and his chandelier sculptures, which communicate through a series of morse code flashing sequences.

    Aurore Clement, Lacombe Lucian by Louis Malle + Her Collaboration with Chantal Akerman

    Monday, October 12th, 2015
  • 1auroreClement
    Tomorrow We Move (2004) – Sylvie Testud and Aurore Clement both collaborated with Chantal Akerman.

    See Aurore in Les Rendez-Vous d”Anna

    Aurore Clement in Rendez Vous D’Anna (youtube)

  • M8DPATE FE004

    Paris Texas

    Aurore C’s Filmography

  • Lacombe Lucian Louis Malle’s masterpiece based on a novel by Patrick Modiano the Nobel prize author.

    AuroreClement Clement
    Happy birthday Aurore Clement (Oct 12, 1945)
    She was the young girl in Lacombe Lucien.. (Louis Malle’s best film).. her scene from Apocalypse Now was cut..with Christian Marquand ..

    From uncut version Apocalypse Now Redux Opium Scene (youtube)

  • R.I.P Chantal Akerman, Stopped Breathing, Her Films Live Forever

    Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

  • Aurore Clement in Rendez Vous D’Anna (youtube)

    Chantal Akerman: a director with a rare creative vision (Guardian obit)

    Shocking news, so sad that Chantal Akerman died at 65.

    Directors like Todd Haynes, Sally Potter and Michael Haneke have credited Ms. Akerman as a major influence. J. Hoberman, a former film critic for The Village Voice, likened her to Mr. Godard and to the German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder, once calling her “arguably the most important European director of her generation.”

    Mr. Mazzanti recalled asking Ms. Akerman how she had edited “Hotel Monterey,” a silent film about a Lower Manhattan hotel that she had made in 1972. “She said, ‘I was breathing, and then at one point I understood it was the time to cut. It was my breathing that decided the length of my shots,’ ” he said. “That’s Chantal Akerman. She breathed through the films,” he said. “She was cinema.”

    Obit BFI

  • Chantal Akerman archive here. (Chantal introduced me to Pina, her documentaries were superb)

  • Senses of Cinema – La Bas the Suspended Image and the Politics of Anti-messianism.

  • Chantal Akerman Retrospective (Chantal Akerman: extraordinary artist of the everyday who we will miss for ever)

  • La Captive (bath scene on youtube)

  • 1ackerman

    photo letters home 1986

    See more photos here.

    Indiwire obit
    Her wiki

    Update: Remembering Chantal (Artforum)

    The Three Cornered World of Glenn Gould

    Sunday, October 4th, 2015
  • BGIgor
    Leonard and Igor Stravinsky

  • The Madness of Genius Glenn Gould (part I)

  • 1aglensoseki

    Glenn Gould and Natsume Soseki

    Soseki’s novel was not only to become Gould’s favorite book (previously it had been Thomas Mann’s 1924 novel “The Magic Mountain”), but one that would obsess him for the last 15 years of his life. Despite having no particular interest in Japan, nor having ever visited, Gould ended up owning four copies of the book, two in English and, unexpectedly, two in Japanese. He owned the English translations of Soseki’s other novels and had more of the Japanese novelist’s books in his library than those of any other writer.

    To his cousin, Jessie Greig — the person closest to him throughout his life — he expressed his love for “The Three-Cornered World” by reading the entire novel out to her over the telephone over the course of two evenings.

  • Gould was telephone friends with Bill Evans

  • G.G plays Paul Hindemith (youtube)

  • Leonard conducting Glenn Gould performing Bach (youtube)

  • ON the record (Youtube)

    Off the record (Youtube)

  • Glenn Gould Archive (Orlando Gibbons was his favorite composer, check his Russian Journey or see him as Umeboshi)

    Thanks to David Ehrenstein (who called Glenn as the gayest straight man who ever breathed) ..

    Eileen Gray – Innovative Designer, Her Dragon Chair sold for 28 Millions

    Thursday, October 1st, 2015
  • 1eileenblue



    She should be world-famous for her innovative designs—and would be, had Le Corbusier not intervened. But, as Michael Watts reports, her story now has a happy ending, thanks partly to a new film

    Gray was a bisexual Anglo-Irish aristocrat who became a free-spirited member of the bohemian classes. She is said to have driven around Paris, where she spent most of her life, in a Chenard-Walcker roadster with Damia, her celebrity girlfriend, and Damia’s pet panther. Even at the age of 80, Gray thought of buying a Vespa scooter. When she died, in 1976, she was 98 and still painting and experimenting with materials such as Plexiglass.

    Screen 1EILEEN-GRAY8panel
    screen Via


    Design Museum

  • 28 million dollors chair.millionchair1
    The unique and remarkable ‘Dragons’ armchair was acquired from Miss Gray by Suzanne Talbot, the first patron to provide her with an opportunity to create a complete environment. The exotic, symbolist character of the piece situates it conceptually within the first phase of Miss Gray’s creative cycle.
    The Mad Tea Party (previous post)

    Collection of Funny chairs, Bat, Elephant, Dragon chairs etc.