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Muhammad Ali and Marianne Moore Wrote a Poem together

Saturday, June 4th, 2016
  • Moore 1AliMarianneMoore and Ali

    He announced that if she was the greatest poetess in the country, the two of them should produce something together — “I am a poet, too,” he said — a joint effort sonnet, it was to be, with each of them doing alternate lines. Miss Moore nodded vaguely. Ali was very much the more decisive of the pair, picking not only the form but also the topic: “Mrs. Moore and I are going to write a sonnet about my upcoming fight in Houston with Ernie Terrell,” he proclaimed to the table. “Mrs. Moore and I will show the world with this great poem who is who and what is what and who is going to win.”

    “We will call it ‘A Poem on the Annihilation of Ernie Terrell,’ ” Miss Moore announced. “Let us be serious but not grim.”

    “She’s cute,” Ali commented. (read here via )

    After we defeat Ernie Terrell
    He will get nothing, nothing but hell,
    Terrell was big and ugly and tall
    But when he fights me he is sure to fall.
    If he criticize this poem by me and Miss Moore
    To prove he is not the champ she will stop him in four,
    He is claiming to be the real heavyweight champ
    But when the fight starts he will look like a tramp
    He has been talking too much about me and making me sore
    After I am through with him he will not be able to challenge Mrs. Moore.

  • 1abAli1970
    Photo by Danny Lyon – 1970.

    Muhammad Ali – Interview Highlights & Fun Photos to Remember his Legacy

    Saturday, June 4th, 2016
  • Photo of Ali muhammad_ali_flip_schulke_pool by Flip Schulke


  • “I ain’t got no quarrel with the Viet Cong. No Viet Cong ever called me a nigger.. – said Muhammad Ali.. (Page 10) David Markson – Vanishing point.”

    Ali passed away on June 3, 2016
    David Markson passed away June 4, 2010

    Ali and Malcolm X

    Ali riding a bike

    More amazing photos of Ali – here


    Prince kept his cool.

    Eric Cantona Jumped from Soccor to Acting -Eric with Ken Loach & Julian Assange

    Thursday, July 17th, 2014
  • Eric Cantona
    (photo by Patrick Swirc) King and I Eric Cantona

    Click to see large

    Looking for Eric

    The awkward squad Ken Loach and Eric Cantona looked like a mismatch, until they worked together and it turned out they’re soul brothers – uncompromising and intense. So how come the result is Loach’s most light-hearted movie in years? Simon Hattenstone talks to them both

    photo via

  • Happy birthday Ken Loach born on July 17. (his new film is called Jimmy’s House.)

  • Cantona & Julian Assange and Eric Cantona Assange working out togeher..

    Top Goals

    These Pro Athletes Gave Up Sports For Reasons You’d Never Believe

    Eric Cantana, Borg, Pat Tillman were dicussed..

  • See Blue White – Tube – Soothing Soccor video art

  • Stanislas Wawrinka – Reading & Tweeting, Australian Open 2014

    Saturday, January 25th, 2014
  • “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” Samuel Beckett quote tatooed

  • Stan Wawrinka homepage.

  • Australian museum – he visited.

  • Love it ..more tweet...

  • Oldest first time winner. where does he fit? .

  • Wow.. his tactics revealed:brain game against Nadal.

  • Stan Wawrinka carried the Olympic flag, Federer and Wawrinka won gold medals together playing the double at previous Olympics. He is a late bloomer.. played many exciting games last year.

  • Update..
    Congrats to Stan Wawrinka –

    Via ESPN a new grand slam champion.

    Wawrinka became the first man to defeat the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds at a Grand Slam since Sergi Bruguera at the 1993 French Open. He is also the only the fourth male player in Open era history to win a maiden Grand Slam singles title against a player with at least 13 majors on his résumé.

  • Samuel Beckett

    Jeremy Abbott – Skates “Pina” – A Phenomenal Performance

    Monday, January 13th, 2014
  • Jeremy Abbott wins fourth US men’s title

  • Click to see large

    A road to Sochi –
    (A video shows Jeremy’s skating as little kid.. he skated like a pro. )

    Red Clay Court – The Better Player

    Monday, May 27th, 2013

    Click to see large.. resembling a heroic abstract action painting (via)

  • Ferrer hot shot

    Ferrer lost that match to Nadal.

    DFW was not the only one who admires Federer

    But now the South African novelist has surprised critics by revealing his profound, almost obsessive respect for an unlikely figure – the Swiss tennis star Roger Federer.
    Revealing himself as an armchair sports fan, Coetzee describes Federer’s best tennis as “something like the human ideal made visible” and says the experience of watching him play is “very much like my response to masterworks of art”.

    Paul Auster and Coetzee see a cartoon and read the New Yorker article – The Better Player.

    Click to see large Who is this?

  • Previous Post The Seven Samurai digital image by Fung-Lin Hall The Seven Samurai and Coetzee.

    Banksy Olympics 2012

    Saturday, July 28th, 2012

    Posted by Sheep Ish on Banksy’s wall on FB.

    Happy birthday Banksy!

  • Banksy dead rat (

    Previous posts –
    happy rat year

    Banksy in Palestine

    Federer Wimbledon Express 2012

    Sunday, July 8th, 2012

    At Wimbledon, Federer shows greatness once more. Swiss great Roger Federer won his seventh Wimbledon men’s singles title at the Wimbledon.

    With his victory, Federer regained the No. 1 ranking from Novak Djokovic, allowing him to equal Sampras’ record of 286 weeks as the top-ranked player.

    Federer & Murray

    Federer Train

  • Lol – Kate & Pippa Middleton were excited by Roger Federer win
    (Gif via )

    Andy Murray gets closer to affection at Wimbledon


    Thursday, March 10th, 2011

    Video work by Richard Swarbrick – real footage of the game here.


    <> <> <> 5903
    (digital images by Fung Lin Hall)

    Steve Nash & Julian Schnabel

    Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
  • Julian Schnabel (homepage)

  • 1aaDiving_Bell_01

  • (Direct link)

    Watch Steve Nash on the court.

  • His surfing paintingSchnabel_Surfing_Painting

    See Marlon Brando painting

    Jane Birkin I Jane Birkin
    (previous post – Navigation Drawings )

    His Palestinian film has been panned.

    Julian Schnabel opens photo album for London show

    Moving Side by Side

    Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

    (direct link here)

    Black hole lensing
    Black_hole_lensing_web Black_hole_lensing_web
    <> <> <> <> 1nickgif

    Nico Vassilakis

    Fallen Angel – Go Figure

    Sunday, February 28th, 2010

    Dance pair moved from Europian – Russian dominance to North America in 2010.

    This is from old clip. Flamenco was part of original dance number which Virtue & Moir won.
    Elvis on pair dance – he connected emotionally with the American pair…

    No scoring controversy: Canada deserved gold

    At Canadian Notional 2010 (the same number they skated to gold at the Olympics. Tessa had a white dress)
    Their fun gala performance Hockey playe rmeets ballerina

    Davis & White Indian number for Original dance (youtube) (USA championship)

    Davis & White Free skate 2010. US Championship on youtube (They were much more spectacular and powerful at the Olympics).

    Pair Skating Pang and Tong skated flawlessly won Silver but they were the real winners that night they moved the audience to huge standing ovation. (Wait for the commercial – a video from NBC here)

    Grieving Rochette skates to Bronz, the world united with her in tears.

    Watch Johnny Weir Olympic freeskate here. direct link.
    Johnny Weir placed 6th even though he received the standing ovation and skated more beautifully than anyone in the competition. (NBC coverage of freeksate with commercial here)

    New scoring system

    “The individuality has been lost for figure skating. Very few people can make it work. … It’s turned everyone into robots doing the same jumps and the same spins.”
    I know what you’re saying: Well, that’s just Johnny being Johnny. But Stojko was an “athletic” skater compared with Weir’s “artistic” style, yet he has the same complaint.
    “Before, you could really put the personality into your routine,” Stojko says. “Now, so much of your time is spent getting up the points that it ties the hands of the skaters. There are too many requirements.

    Look what they can deliver, so refreshing. We need to rescue talented figure skaters from these judges.

    Happiness is warm gun Yu na bond girl

    The former world champion Buttle on twitter (His 2008 World skating here)

  • I hate being entertained by well choreographed, musical programs! More tacky posing to catch breath for the next jump is what skating needs.
    Now I’m going to go watch a real sport where they really push the envelope: under water basket weaving.
  • Men’s Long. Abbott has one of the most beautiful programs in the event.
  • Unfortunately, Jeremy Abott who is now US champion melted at the Olympics.. He did not have enough experience in the international competition.
    Here in this clip performed flawlessly.